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If you’re looking to hitch your career to the hottest growing products, services and markets – supported by a rock-solid, profitable industry leader with great benefits that is growing, not merging and consolidating – we should talk.

We’re the premier national Managed Services Carrier – which means that we deliver five-nines guaranteed performance to our customers, backed by nearly twenty years of proven expertise. That’s something our competition can’t say. The world of business communications is changing at warp speed and TPx is leading the way with award-winning unified communications, managed IT applications and connectivity options that make our customers say,
“Beam me up!”

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Our Culture

TPx’s culture is designed to create a positive and challenging work environment that consistently rewards its team members. We understand that our success depends on the people who make up TPx as much as it is by the award-winning solutions we provide our customers. To support them, we’ve built a culture anchored around Teamwork, Empowerment, and Leadership.

We are committed to promoting Teamwork in every area of our business. TPx puts teamwork front and center in how we work, how we reward and how we celebrate success. We have no tolerance for internal “silos” that hinder positive collaboration and get in the way of creative problem solving.

With employees and customers spread across the country, TPx is focused on providing a “higher state of connectedness” which empowers our team members to easily and intuitively work together. At TPx, you can count on receiving the best tools and training in the industry to help you reach your personal goals and professional potential.

What’s new?

  • SD-WAN Over-the-top nationwide reach that delivers guaranteed performance wherever there’s a broadband connection!
  • Industry-leading Unified Communications and managed IT solutions that answer growing customer needs for increased productivity and collaboration. We’ve just had to triple our provisioning team to handle all the volume we’re seeing!
  • Great internal systems and support that turn up services faster.
  • Industry-leading training that is focused, ongoing and effective.

We’ve grown for 59 straight quarters, evolved into the nation’s premier managed services carrier and expanded our markets, revenue and impact from coast to coast. There’s more opportunity in front of us than we can handle, so we’re looking for top professionals to share in our success as we build our business into a billion dollar company (and we’re well on our way). Let’s start a conversation!