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4 Ways Security Advisory Services Can Improve Your Online Security

Cybersecurity is such a heady topic, and for many businesses, understanding all the ins and outs of online security can seem daunting. Many businesses don’t know where to start. In fact, according to Accenture’s Cost of Crime Report, only 14% of small and medium-sized businesses are prepared to defend themselves against cyberattacks.

Even if you have online security in place for your business, you might not be as secure as you think. Taking advantage of Security Advisory Services can help identify risks and elevate your business’ security posture. Here are four ways Security Advisory Services can help improve your online security.


#1 Understand Your Exposure to Ransomware Attacks & Other Cyberthreats

Cybercriminals have turned malware and hacking into a robust, money-driven industry complete with commercial-grade exploit kits widely available to those who seek them. A haphazard approach to online security cannot keep up. New cyberthreats emerge every minute and businesses need to protect themselves against costly security incidents.

According to Hiscox, an insurance carrier revealed that cyberattack incidents cost businesses on average $200,000. With new cyberattacks occurring each minute, businesses need to keep their guard up. It’s no longer a question of if your business will become a target of an attack but rather when.

By partnering with cybersecurity experts, your business can gain rich insights into where you have the most exposure in your business and how you can mitigate yourself against ransomware attacks and other cyberthreats. Security Advisory Services can ultimately help save your business money and reputation by giving you a better security posture.

#2 Ensure Your BYOD Policy Meets Your Online Security Needs

Wireless networking enables work-from-anywhere flexibility and improves organizational productivity. But it also increases security risk and can be a very dangerous attack surface unless it is properly secured. Wireless technology has introduced a number of complications and additional security risks into traditional network management. BYOD, signal jacking, the proliferation of public Wi-Fi and most recently, expanded work-from-home has made securing the corporate network much more challenging.

According to the Verizon Mobile Security Index, the average mobile device connects to two to three insecure Wi-Fi hotspots per day. If your organization has weak security policies, misconfigured encryption methods or insufficient BYOD policies, it can quickly compromise your online security and leave your network vulnerable to attacks.

Securing the wireless component of your organization’s network requires well-documented policies as well as strong technical controls. Security Advisory Services can help ensure you have the right policies and mechanisms in place to keep your business secure even when your employees are remote.


#3 Mitigate Online Security Risks

The threat landscape is constantly evolving and becoming more dangerous each day. With new cyber threats on top of the fact that vendors are continually releasing new patches and requirements for access and permissions continue to evolve, it can be difficult to keep your environment secure. Businesses need to stay hyperaware of online security threats and mitigate risks by making necessary updates to their IT environment.

According to Ponemon Institute, 57% of data breaches are attributed to poor patch management with the average time to apply, test and fully deploy a patch being 102 days. One of the best ways to mitigate against online security risks is to keep your environment up to date with proper access controls and the latest patches and updates.

If you’re unsure how your IT environment stacks up against cyberthreats, having a gap analysis done could help you identify where your business has the highest likelihood of incidents and breaches occurring. By understanding your greatest vulnerabilities, you’ll be able to make the necessary changes to mitigate your online security risks.

#4 Identify Gaps in Monitoring and Uncover Asset Misconfigurations

Traditional network management has evolved in recent years to the point where it cannot be approached without considering the associated security ramifications. Any attempt to treat online security as an “add-on” to network design and operations in today’s hyperconnected world is destined to create more problems than it solves.

Having a comprehensive Network Security Assessment completed on your environment can yield results with actionable recommendations for a high-performing and secure networking environment. Beyond enhancing the performance of your network, the experts can identify gaps in monitoring and uncover asset misconfigurations that leave your network environment vulnerable.

Whether you have a detailed online security program or need to get one off the ground, Security Advisory Services are a great way to ensure your business is secure. The cybersecurity experts at TPx are here to help your business improve its security posture.


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