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5 Tips to Successful Video Calling

With UCx, you have the power to instantly start an HD video call from your computer, desk phone, or mobile phone. But with great power comes great responsibility! Here are five tips to help you have the most successful video call possible.

1. Make eye contact.
Try to keep your eyes on your device’s camera, not on the screen, while speaking. This can be very difficult to do, since you’ll instinctively want to direct your eye contact to the person you see on the screen. But if you can pull it off, you won’t look like you’re staring off in to space!

2. Dress for success.
Now, I’m not saying you have to get your hair done or wear your finest suit every time you expect to be on video. But you can choose your everyday attire thoughtfully. Solid, muted colors generally look best on-screen. If possible, avoid wearing bright colors (including white) and busy patterns. I definitely recommend that you leave that neon plaid shirt at home.

3. Angle the camera correctly.
Make sure your camera is level with your face, especially if you’re using UCx on a laptop or smartphone. No one – I repeat, NO ONE – wants to see up your nose, and that’s the unflattering angle your callers will see if you angle the camera up towards your face.

4. Consider your background.
What will your callers see behind you? This may not be a concern if you’re in a conference room, but it will come into play if you’re calling in from your desk, at home, or on the road. So turn off those blinking Christmas lights that are hanging on your cubicle wall, because it’s going

5. See the light.
If you’re near a window or a lamp, you may need to adjust them so you’re lighted properly. Too much light behind you and you’ll look all shadowy, like you’re in a witness protection program – and I’m sure that’s not a look you want to convey.

These five tips may seem trivial, but they’ll all add up to a professional appearance and a thoughtful demeanor. Practice these skills and everyone who calls you will be impressed with what they see on the screen.

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