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After One Year, I’m Confident the Best is Yet to Come

When I stepped into the role of CEO a year ago, TPx was beginning a tremendous transformation. I’ve spent my career focused on transformation, so out of the gate, I saw a significant opportunity to elevate the organization to better meet market demands and customer needs. Over the past year, the TPx team focused on accelerating the company’s execution, prioritizing our commitment to customers and adding to our tremendous suite of award-winning solutions. Here are a few of the ways we have elevated the company over the past year:

Doubling Down Customer Service

As a nationwide managed services provider, customer service has always been a focus at TPx. But the last 15 months have put into sharp focus key areas for us to improve to align with customer expectations.

With support from private equity owner Siris Capital, TPx invested roughly $25 million to modernize systems and processes within the organization to better support our customer base. Over the past year, TPx implemented several new processes, procedures and systems to enhance and improve the customer experience including the introduction of a new customer portal, which will be rolled out to all customers the second half of this calendar year.

Enhancing Solution Portfolio

As businesses adopted remote work practices, TPx sharpened its solutions portfolio to address workers’ and companies’ changing needs. We have partnered with the industry leading software and technology providers to enable market leading solutions, surrounded by our culture of service and support.

Last year, we upgraded our UCx with Webex solution that pairs a best-in-class phone system with feature-rich collaboration technology. UCx provides organizations with a single, simple to use communication and collaboration app that is managed by the highly skilled and experienced team at TPx. We work to ensure your unified communications platform is optimized for your business, taking advantage of feature functionality that helps businesses improve productivity.

We also announced two new security services in response to the rise of cyberattacks targeting small and mid-size businesses (SMBs). Our new Security Advisory Services and Managed Detection and Response gives SMBs the tools they need to protect themselves against cyberthreats.

We have a long-standing commitment to providing our customers with secure and compliant solutions. This past year, we achieved both HIPAA and PCI compliance for our MSx and UCx lines of business, which is a testament to our ongoing dedication to security and compliance.

A Re-Evaluation of the Office

Businesses have an opportunity to reinvent work to meet the needs of the modern workforce. Recognizing this, we reevaluated our use of the traditional office and adopted a new work from home policy that provides employees the flexibility to work where they are most productive.

As we continue to evolve how we work to better serve our customers and enable a modern employee experience, the ability for our employees to work across the U.S. ensures our business is structured to support growth. We’re confident that this is an excellent long-term fit for our business.

Focusing on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Even before joining TPx, the company prioritized diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I). But one of my first actions was to put a renewed focus on DE&I initiatives.

The company quickly established a DE&I committee to help drive related initiatives across the organization. Additionally, the company adopted and enhanced hiring processes, charitable giving opportunities and educational sessions to further ingrain DE&I as part of the TPx culture. The upending of “business as usual” presents a unique opportunity for companies. We seized the opportunity to use this shift to recalibrate diversity and inclusion in our workforce.

Putting Culture Front and Center

Despite the pandemic’s headwinds, culture quickly became a priority, as did working with employees nationwide to build a culture of open communication, collaboration and teamwork. Over the past year, we’ve worked to establish open lines of communication and established bi-weekly town hall meetings where the business can hear important updates and employees can ask questions.

And while I reflect on the last 365 days, perhaps the most important observation is that I’ve not done any of this alone. Our TPx employees have rallied around our transformation, and I’ve worked alongside hundreds of TPx employees across a variety of business functions to accomplish much over the past year. I also opened up a line of communication with our customers via ASKDON and I am extremely appreciative of the customers who have engaged with me on feedback, positive and negative. The feedback is vital, and we have incorporated it into many of our process and system changes.

I cannot thank each member of the TPx family enough for their support and dedication to growing and improving our business. As we continue to grow, I am confident it is just a preview of what we will achieve next. The past year threw some challenges at us, but I know I am working with the best team possible.

Now, what should we tackle together in year two? I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Please email me at [email protected].

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