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Auto Attendant with UCx SmartVoice

An Auto Attendant automatically transfers callers to an extension, hunt group, call center, or general voice mailbox without the intervention of a receptionist. Multiple submenus can be linked together in a hierarchal fashion, creating a fully interactive menu structure. At any step, the caller can reach a receptionist or operator by dialing 0.

UCx Apps with UCx SmartVoice

The UCx client, available with UCx SmartVoice, integrates multiple functions into a single app you can use on your computer, smartphone, and tablet. See below for instructions on how to use UCx on your device:

UCx SmartVoice Account Codes

Account Codes are a powerful tool for managing expenses and reducing fraud. An Account Code is a numeric code entered by a user prior to making an outgoing call. It can be used to track calls for a specific user, department, or project. Account Codes are available with all UCx SmartVoice services.

[Video] View and Manage UCx User Information

As an administrator in the UCx Web Portal, you have the ability to view or modify individual users’ settings. Watch this video to learn how to search for users, reset passwords, and change users’ Calling Line ID names.

[Video] Announcement Repository and Recording WAV

In UCx, all of your greetings and announcements are stored in the Announcement Repository. Watch this video to learn how to add and manage files in your Announcement Repository, and how to create WAV files that meet our system’s specifications.

[Video] Voice Management

Watch this video to learn how to manage voicemail settings for your UCx users, including voicemail to email.

[Video] Meet-Me Conferencing

Watch this video to learn how to manage your UCx users’ conference bridges, including configuring security PINs, adding delegates, creating custom entrance greetings, and downloading recorded conferences.

[Video] Hunt Groups

A hunt group automatically processes incoming calls received by a single phone number by distributing them among a group of users. As the group administrator, you can view and modify existing hunt groups. Watch this video to learn how to add and remove users in hunt groups, specify routing policies, and manage “no answer” settings.

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