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Toni Rardin

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Single-Source Solutions: How Using One Provider for All Your Managed Services Can Save You Time, Money and Headaches

The benefits of managed services are well-established— the more you can outsource your core IT and communications needs, the more you can focus on growing your business. And in organizations with internal IT teams, the ability to free up those teams to focus on high-value differentiators is becoming vital to establishing competitive advantage. But as …

Single-Source Solutions: How Using One Provider for All Your Managed Services Can Save You Time, Money and Headaches Read More »

Hardware & Software Requirements for Call Center Client

This article describes the minimum hardware and software requirements to run TPx’s Call Center Client. TPx strongly recommends that computer systems used to run the Call Center Client have capabilities exceeding these.

Generate Reports

Call Center provides reporting functions to agents and supervisors. Agents can only generate reports about their own activity. Supervisors have access to reports on the activity and performance of agents and call centers under their supervision.

Unified Instant Messaging Presence States

Unified instant messaging presence states indicate you or your contacts’ availability to communicate using client applications such as Call Center, Receptionist, or UCx.

Make Outbound Calls from the Call Center Client

With the Call Center client you can make calls to an ad hoc number, a contact from any of your contact directories, or a number from Call History. You can also specify the calling line identity to use for your outbound calls.

Manage and Monitor Call Center Agents

Call center supervisors use the Agents panel of the Call Center Client to view the agents they are supervising and to perform actions on them. Supervisors can also monitor the call and the ACD state of selected agents, and make agents join or leave queues.

Change Agent ACD State

Monitored agents have their phone and ACD state displayed. An icon to the left of the agent’s name indicates the agent’s ability to take calls based on their combined phone and ACD state. In addition, the agent’s ACD state is also displayed in text following their name. If the agent’s ACD state is set to “Unavailable,” the unavailable code is also displayed (if applicable).Other agents have their state set to “Unknown”.