Businesses Find Freedom with Fixed Wireless

Fixed Wireless

Location, location, location: We know the mantra from the home-buying realm, but the phrase also resonates for businesses looking to find diverse connectivity options for their offices. Historically, geography has made all the difference when it comes to broadband choices. Thankfully, today’s businesses can leave those concerns behind, because fixed wireless has emerged as a solid, mainstream local-access option.

With fiber-competitive speeds and a level of reliability that matches wireline alternatives, fixed wireless frees businesses from being dependent on the availability of wires in the ground. Fixed wireless’ unique, flexible footprint can be a cost-effective option compared to more expensive fiber contracts. And it represents a key component in any robust continuity solution, because it offers the most diverse last mile available – all while being immune to “backhoe fade.”

All of this means that companies have another option to tap the speeds they need to support modern digital initiatives and stay competitive: cloud and SaaS applications, file-sharing and collaboration, omnichannel customer-service platforms and borderless office initiatives – along with, of course, essential Internet access.

TPx’s OneAir Fixed Wireless is available in California and Nevada, as well as third-party in California and Texas, offering a range of bandwidth speeds from 1 Mbps to fiber-competitive 1 Gbps. It connects you with high-speed bandwidth for guaranteed Internet access, voice, private networking and continuity options – all offered as a fully integrated part of TPx’s core IP network with the same SLA as fiber and our other access options.

The service is delivered via an Ethernet cable and connects directly into your LAN. TPx provides a secure, encrypted and dedicated circuit from your location to the TPx Fixed Wireless Network. From there, traffic flows directly from our base stations to the TPx core network.

Diagram - Fixed Wireless and SD-WAN

It’s also a part of our managed connectivity suite, which means that businesses don’t have to worry about service-quality issues when it comes to the broadband cornerstone of today’s relationships with customers and suppliers. All managed connectivity elements are monitored 24/7 by the TPx Network Operations Center (NOC), so TPx can deliver high-availability peace of mind. Questions about failover options, application compatibility and the need to maintain dedicated support staff become irrelevant.

With the addition of TPx’s award-winning managed SD-WAN solution, you can mix and match any transport – whether it’s provided by TPx or your local Internet provider – to securely and seamlessly fail over to an alternate circuit.  In a two-circuit setup, both connections are in active/active mode. That means that the Managed Services Router decides, for each traffic session, which path is the best path in that moment. You do not need to feel like you are paying for bandwidth you aren’t using. For added peace of mind, you can utilize three circuits — all active or one in standby mode — for the ultimate measure of connection certainty.

Don’t let reliance on a single wireline provider in your neighborhood keep you from growing a business or running an organization in today’s net-driven universe. Call your TPx representative today to find out how we can help your business find the freedom it needs to be competitive.

About the Author

Jon Lowry is a Senior Product Manager at TPx. Jon manages TPx’s local connectivity options, including Managed High-Speed Internet Access, OneNet MPLS, Carrier Ethernet VPNs, and Internet services.  He has earned certifications from the MEF in both Carrier Ethernet and Network Foundations.  Jon is based in Denver and has been with TPx for 10 years.