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Beware the Cheap Security Fix: The Dangers of Off-the-Shelf Security Devices

off-the-shelf security devices

When it comes to cybersecurity options for businesses today, the range of “off-the-shelf” options can be dizzying – and exciting – for those looking to cut administrative costs. A nice, new shiny router with what claims to be “business-class” firewalling and maybe even some DDoS protection for under 200 bucks? For many business owners the answer is “Yes please!” when the answer really needs to be “No way,” or maybe even “No freaking way!”

The consequences of going with one of the many routers (or other quick-fix security products) for sale at a big-box store can be devastating. These solutions may claim to offer business-class security, like firewall options, but the reality is that their features are limited and require frequent updates to make sure they’re ready to handle the latest threats. They also offer a false sense of security, given their narrow focus. Throwing a router with a firewall into the network and calling it a day is not a solid defense against the troublemakers out there targeting businesses every minute.  To be fully protected, businesses need to think bigger and broader – which is where managed services come in.

A good managed security product keeps you automatically up-to-date with a comprehensive set of the most powerful defenses against ever-evolving threats, while eliminating overhead. By way of comparison, to really do any good, that off-the-shelf router needs to be paired with additional security layers, including intrusion detection, traffic monitoring, antivirus and anti-malware software, plus work on the network/LAN side, like properly configuring user permissions to determine who has access to what data on the network. There’s also disaster recovery and backups to consider. Putting all of that together takes time and expertise—something that’s in short supply for most businesses except the largest enterprises.

Sure, many companies think they’re too small or their data’s too generic to find themselves in the sights of cybercriminals. The reality, however, is that 58 percent of all breach victims are categorized as small businesses.

It’s also worth noting that you never know when an on-premises device like a router can become a conduit for bad actors. The FBI, for instance, recently advised that the VPNFilter malware has infiltrated 1 million routers and counting – noting that everyone should reset their network boxes to help thwart the malicious code. “The FBI recommends any owner of small office and home office routers power cycle (reboot) the devices,” the Bureau said in a statement. “VPNFilter is able to render small office and home office routers inoperable. The malware can potentially also collect information passing through the router.”

The TPx managed services suite includes affordable device monitoring and management, network intrusion detection and prevention, antivirus, web content and spam filtering, plus disaster recovery options – all backed with our round-the clock Security Operations Center and highly experienced cybersecurity analysts.

Contact your TPx representative today to find out how managed services can help you avoid the consequences of hasty decisions in your security spend and keep your business safe and stable.

About the Author

Matt Mair is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for Managed Services. His role includes marketing and communications for TPx’s suite of managed IT offerings including Managed SD-WAN, LAN Monitoring, Office 365, Managed Endpoint, Colocation and Server Backup solutions. Matt holds an MBA from Michigan State University’s Broad School of Business and resides in Los Angeles.

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