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Employee Spotlight on Joe Waide

At TPx, our job is to make IT easier and more accessible for companies. That wouldn’t be possible without our talented and dedicated employees. Their passion for IT shines in everything we do for our customers. This October in honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we wanted to highlight one of our security experts, Joe Waide.

Joe is a Security Overlay at TPx that has a passion for IT and cybersecurity. We sat down with Joe to talk about his experience, security advice, and more. Read on to learn more about Joe.

What led you to join the TPx team?

The leadership at TPx was the convincing factor. I was very close to working in a SOC (Security Operations Center) when I met with TPx security leaders, Jonathan Goldberger and David Carr. I come from upper management in hospitality, so I know how important it is to have managers that fit your work style and personality. After a couple conversations with them, I was sold, and the rest is history.

Reflecting back on your first year at TPx, what is your favorite thing about working here?

The ability to just jump in and do. I’m a “Trial by Fire” sort of learner, so the skills and experience I’ve picked up in the first year are invaluable.

You recently graduated from the Flatiron School with a focus on Cyber Security Analysis. What got you interested in cybersecurity?

I think most people want to make a difference in some regard. For me, making sure people had the best dining experience just wasn’t doing it anymore. I’ve always been tech savvy and have been deemed “over-protective” all of my life. Cybersecurity is a field that allows you to impact others every day. It gives you the opportunity to protect businesses and individuals in a way that’s proactive and fulfilling.

Many organizations don’t realize that they are not even close to understanding the full capabilities of technology and how it can be used against them. As a philosophy nerd, that “unknown” is fascinating to me, and something that I strive to solve for our customers every day.

Cybersecurity is such a hot button topic. What advice do you have for companies that don’t know where to start when it comes to cybersecurity?

START WITH THE HUMANS! Unless your company is comprised of sentient meta-physical entities that reside in the 7th dimension (looking at you Google), you have a human security problem. People are best known for making human mistakes. It’s often inevitable, but you can mitigate your risk by training your people.

If budget is a concern, first gain visibility by conducting risk assessments. It’s a low cost of entry into establishing better cybersecurity. This will also answer the “I don’t know what I don’t know” question. From there you start filling in the gaps with security services and solutions that make sense.

What has made the biggest impact on your professional life?

Every manager I’ve ever had. Whether great, good, or not so swell, I’ve always paid very close attention to what they had to say as well as their actions. In my mind, managers are mentors, even if they don’t know it.

What does diversity, equity, and inclusion mean to you and why is it important?

I grew up in a predominantly “non-diverse” neighborhood in Fairfield County, Connecticut. I’ve stuck out like a sore thumb all of my life. Diversity, equity, and inclusion is an effort to make 15-year old me feel not so out-of-place. This idea, and this effort is a bridge to humanity.

What’s the one topic you never get tired of learning about?

There are too many to list. I’m a history buff first and foremost. I can go into alarming detail about 18th century warfare, but I’m also really into film too. In fact, I write as a hobby. I guess the theme here is “Storytelling,” as history is a collection of stories repeated through time to create a narrative and film is the depiction of ideas told through storytelling. I’m having a breakthrough as I think through this.

What are you most passionate about outside of work?

NFL Football (Who Dat?!), film, true crime, family, and comedy.

How do you enjoy spending your time on the weekends? 

My significant other and I will normally take off somewhere and experience new and familiar places. If we’re at home, we’ll visit the family, find live music on Saturday, and watch football and eat wings on Sunday.

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