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Employee Spotlight on Kate Browne

Service is at the heart of what we do at TPx, and behind our service experience, is a team of dedicated and knowledgeable employees. Their passion for providing quality service to our customers is second to none. This month, we would like to highlight TPx’s Vice President, Service Innovation, Kate Browne and the work she does. Read on to learn more about Kate.

What does your role entail at TPx?

My role is multifaceted, I work in the Operations team. I along with my team, are responsible for making sure that we have the best processes, knowledge and technology platforms to deliver service excellence to our customers while being the easiest MSP to do business with.

TPx’s operations are undergoing a huge transfomaton, and my role is to facilitate service innovation by working cross functionally across TPx to support the addition of new technology and platforms that will help us deliver a better service experience to our customers. In addition, I help ensure we have the right structure and skills in place to deliver service excellence, which includes supporting automation development that delivers operational efficiencies and enables customer self-service.

Service innovation is really about evolving our services, technology platforms, organizational skills and structure to ensure TPx is a highly functioning Managed Service Provider.

What is your favorite aspect of working at TPx?

It might sound cliché, but the people. I am very fortunate to have an amazing team of people that are relentless in their motivation to succeed in making TPx the easiest MSP to do business with. But, more than that, they are great fun and we laugh A LOT! I love working cross functionally and have developed some great working relationships and friendships at TPx. It’s not often in your career you meet a bunch of people who can work incredibly hard and have such good fun doing it, I feel quite priviledged to be at TPx while we are literally reengineering the DNA of the company and to be doing it with such a brilliant bunch of people who are as passionate about our transformational growth as I am.

What is the most interesting project that you’ve worked on at TPx?

By far the Operational Transformaton Project –  there is not a part of how we do business in the Operations organization that is not being examined and enhanced so we can operate more effectively. Introducing new operational functions, systems and processes is a huge undertaking and there are daily challenges, but also many wins that keep it both interesting and challenging. The Operations leadership team are amazing and always open to new ways to do business. I am also learning so much about how TPx does business across all other functions and that enables me to think about the holistic experience of both our employees and our customers and think about how we can do it better.

How would you describe the culture at TPx?

Evolving for sure, there is a great sense of a common, shared purpose and optimism for the future. HR is really leading the way with a fantastic DEI program that speaks to the type of organization we are creating at TPx, and that really resonates with me. I see a leadership team wanting to drive accountability and urgency across the business and a sense or entrepreneurial spirit that enables autonomy and innovation. There is a genuine desire to recogize and appreciate the amazing work that is going on across the organization too, these, for me are all signs of a healthy, evolving organizational culture that is open to change and one that both embraces and creates new opportunities for TPx as a whole and its employees.

What has made the biggest impact on your professional life?

I have been incredibly lucky to have had great mentors at each stage of my career that allowed me to lean on their experience and expertise and that helped guide me along the way. Having a great mentor not only supports your learning and development in your given field but also helps you navigate through all the other aspects of working in a corporate environment. Being able to use a mentor as a sounding board and being able to learn from their breath of experiences is invaluable and has enabled me to both develop and grow as a manager and leader through my career.

What does diversity, equity, and inclusion mean to you and why is it important?

DEI to me is about fairness at the heart of everything we do, not being afraid to challenge both myself and those around me to think about fairness in our decisions and actions both inside and outside of work. I am very proud of the DEI culture in TPx and the awareness we need to keep challenging ourselves to be better.

I also feel as mum of two young boys that instilling this understanding and belief within them that fairness is so very important in ensuring that all human beings are treated equitably and given the same opportunities as others. We have a long way to go, but it’s critical that young people understand that it was not that long ago that things felt very different.

What’s the one topic you never get tired of learning about?

Technology – I honestly don’t think we ever stop learning. I constantly challenge myself to stay current and have a good working knowledge of the technologies we provide to our customers and the technology platforms we need to provide the best support experience to our customers. After that History and Politics – I really love losing myself in a good audio books or paperback on eveything from modern European history to Global politics and current affairs.

What are you most passionate about outside of work?

My family, I am very fortunte to have a wonderful husband and two young boys and am surrounded by my extended family – a blessing and a curse sometimes. I love spending time with them and just getting to be the truest version of me and let my hair down. Probably second to that is gardening. I absolutely love plants and developing my garden – I have varying success, probably a 20% kill rate but none the less it’s so rewarding to see things grow and blossom. At this time of year, I love to see the spring flowers and everything coming back to life.

How do you enjoy spending your time on the weekends? 

After the usual Saturday morning crazy (shopping, cleaning and kids sports sessions), I love pottering around the garden and all that entails like planting, pruning, tidying up and then putting my feet up in the garden with a good cup of tea! I love watching movies with the kids on a Saturday evening and a good walk on the beach with kids and our dog Peggy Sue on a Sunday morning (usually in the rain).

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