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Five Reasons Why Retailers Choose Unified Communications

Looking for a way to bring better and more reliable communications in your retail business? Maybe it’s time to rethink your phone system. It’s no longer just a matter of picking up the phone and talking. Communication needs to be flexible, giving customers and employees enhanced ways of communicating and fulfilling their needs. Investing in a unified communications solution provides retail businesses greater flexibility than traditional phone lines. Here’s why:

1. All-in-One Communications

Creating unified messaging throughout your retail space is vital as you build your brand. It’s how you’ll build rapport and succinctness with customers across the country or the world. A unified communication system for calling, messaging, meetings, and collaboration makes it easier for your employees to communicate and allows you to provide a consistent brand experience across your communication channels. Coordinating all communication interactions internally and externally helps improve communication and brand clarity.

2. Reduce Costs

Running a retail business means constantly looking for ways to trim expenses and boost profits. Unified communications provide an all-in-one approach, eliminating the need for multiple apps and services to get the job done. Instead of relying on legacy phone technology, unified communications solutions are cloud-based communications, making it easier to manage and maintain. You’ll save time and administrative costs because you won’t need a team for each system; fewer people can seamlessly operate across the entire platform. This is a big plus if you have multiple retail locations. Your entire phone system across retail locations can be managed from one centralized location.

3. Reliable and Scalable Communications

You have goals and dreams. You may be starting small, but you envision fast growth with numerous new retail locations. Unified communications are cloud-based, making them easily scalable as you grow. With legacy systems, scaling becomes a costly and labor-intensive endeavor. Your phone system would need a complete upgrade, and each location needs its own equipment and setup. A unified communications solution makes scaling simple. Buy only what you need now. Expand as you grow. Plus, unified communications are more reliable, especially when paired with an SD-WAN solution, which guarantees uptime. You’ll never worry about downed phone lines again.

4. Integration to CRM Systems

Want to build a stronger relationship with your customers? Unified communications integrate with CRM systems, giving you ample opportunity to create depth in your customer database. When placing or receiving a call, customer details will instantly show if they are in your database, giving the caller a chance to connect on a deeper level. No more hunting for files before a “big” meeting. Retail is also becoming more digitized. With unified communications, you’ll have the latest tools to help you build, including analytics to gather and analyze customer data and security to protect against hacks and customer privacy.

5. Improved Customer Service

If you have multiple retail locations, it can be difficult to provide a consistent communication experience across your retail stores. While more locations mean you can be more available to your customers, this can cause some technical challenges you must overcome if you don’t have the right technology in place. Unified communications solutions provide a way to create a consistent customer experience at every location. Using phone, messaging, or meetings, every retail associate will be better positioned to provide consistent service, making your customers happy every time they shop.

TPx’s UCx with Webex solution is a comprehensive, all-in-one unified communications platform that is perfect for retail locations. Want to learn how you can transform your retail communications? Contact a TPx representative today and learn how UCx with Webex can improve your business communications.

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