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Hosted UC Helps to Bridge the IT Skills Gap

The infamous “IT skills gap” is as persistent as it is frustrating. Enterprise technology is moving faster than ever, and finding and retaining personnel to meet everyday IT demands is a headache for companies of all sizes. Small and midsized companies struggle just to keep up with an increasingly complex world of telecom and IT services. Large companies need their IT departments focused on proprietary and high-value projects instead of the ever-growing maintenance demands that come with greater reliance on technology solutions.

IT is Moving to the Front End of the Business

Despite the challenges, IT evolution marches on. So do the demands associated with that evolution and its promises of innovation, value, flexibility and scale. Executives continue to set exacting requirements for IT departments and solutions, assigning even larger roles for IT to support product and service innovation, sales, marketing, and even business strategy. The demand is growing not just for more IT staff, but for IT staff to do more – and as a result, it’s now tougher than ever to attract and retain qualified IT talent. That’s why many companies have stopped trying to keep all of their IT work in-house, and they are increasingly outsourcing their IT projects to managed service providers.

Outsourcing is Not Just an Option, It’s an Advantage

The value proposition for outsourced IT and managed services has never been stronger. In fact, given that companies of all sizes must contend with today’s IT landscape, outsourced solutions can deliver a genuine strategic advantage – they free your IT team from tedious, routine telecom and IT tasks to focus on more important matters. At TPx, we talk a lot about how our own business model evolved to meet the needs of our customers and their need to navigate the “new normal” of never-permanent, always-evolving (hopefully for the better!) solutions. Hosted Unified Communications (Hosted UC) is a core element to this value proposition.

Hosted UC Delivers Tangible Solutions to Real-World Problems

Hosted UC eases the burden on IT departments by integrating communications and collaboration services, applications and functions into a single cloud-based platform that’s maintained and supported by experts at a company like TPx.

With a professional-grade UC solution like UCx, you can say goodbye to:

  • Heavy up-front investments
  • Maintenance headaches like software and security updates and patches
  • The need to purchase and install upgrades
  • The drain on your IT resources just for your phone systems

And you can say hello to:

  • Low entry costs
  • Rapid service deployment
  • Instant scalability
  • Built-in disaster recovery
  • Industry-leading technical support
  • Freedom for your IT personnel to focus on your own business

The right UC solution can deliver many more benefits. Features like desktop sharing, collaboration, mobility, integration and many others can positively impact every department in your company – not just IT. And everyone gets these latest-and-greatest features without denting your IT resources.

We’d love to show you why UCx wins awards and outperforms other solutions in the market. Ask your TPx representative for a UCx product tour, or if you prefer, you can schedule a demo. We’ll show you how easy it is to offload your communications headaches to our experts so you can focus on your company.

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