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Indoor Air Quality Company Scales Unified Communications with TPx to Support Customer Growth

As an industry leader focused on indoor air and pollution, the team at Alliance Environmental Group knows about quality. So when they needed a partner to help scale their IT, it turned to the company that could supply solutions that could support their growth: TPx.

Alliance operates 23 locations across Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. A decade ago, the company had roughly 300 employees. Today, it’s grown to more than double that. Since the company is always looking to acquire more, it needs to ensure any technology is scalable.

An Influx in Call Volume

Alliance’s call centers receive more than 500 calls weekly from community members needing help or guidance on their air quality needs. During Alliance’s busy season, a call center could receive more than 1,000 calls, with those numbers continuing to rise.

Each time a new company is acquired into its portfolio, the Alliance team must stand up additional call centers and 1-800 numbers to meet the growing demand. Alliance’s Call Center Manager, Elena Fernandez, needed a provider that would make setting up these new call centers as seamless as possible.

Alliance used a smaller, independent provider whose communication lines frequently dropped for years. Those dropped and missed calls made it difficult for Alliance to provide the support its customers needed, and their customers didn’t have the luxury of waiting for the situation to resolve itself.

Scalable Solutions to Support Growth

While the Alliance team remains committed to staying on top of rapidly changing industry guidelines and legal regulations, it doesn’t want to waste time setting up and learning how to use technology with each expansion. The team knew it needed a national partner to supply it with scalable solutions.

Today, Alliance uses a range of TPx services, including toll-free numbers, unified communication, SD-WAN, and internet continuity with 4G provided failover. The combination of solutions provides the Alliance Environmental Group with the necessary reliability to support the influx of customer calls and requests.

“We found the best company for us. TPx attends to all our needs and helps us meet the demands that come from our rapid expansion,” Elena said. “We have so many people coming and going every day, so setting them up quickly, getting new phones, getting them set up with an extension, and getting them up to speed in record time has made such a big difference.”

An Easy Partnership Experience

Working with TPx has provided some unexpected benefits for Alliance.

“TPx has definitely surprised us in so many ways,” Fernandez said. “One way in particular is blocking spam calls, which yielded a significant impact in call productivity. Doing so ensures Alliance’s phone lines are free for those who need to communicate with the company.”

The best surprise is that the TPx team is on standby to help as needed and can resolve issues within. The Alliance team can pick up the phone for any urgent needs, but with the TPx customer portal, they have additional resources just a click away.

“The portal is easy to navigate, and if we need to call forward or block calls or anything, it’s easy to go in there and just set that up quickly,” Fernandez said. “I’m pretty tech savvy but not to an expert degree. I find it very resourceful and easy to use — it’s a nice tool to have at your disposal.”

With TPx’s level of service, Alliance has efficiently scaled its call center to support customer growth.

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