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Running a Business on Google Hangouts? Things Are Changing…

Google recently decided to pull out the SMS integration with Google Hangouts. For daily Hangouts users like myself, this is huge news. However, it only applies to those who use this feature on “other” networks (excludes Project Fi & Google Voice users).

This isn’t the first time Google has pulled features out of Hangouts. A few years ago, they decided to change their chat format from XMPP. Also, Google plans to cancel most API integrations with its video calling.

Before I rant, I have to mention that I am a fan of Google products. However, if I were using Hangouts as a communication tool for my business, I would drastically think twice. I can’t safely say that any feature I’ve relied on to do business will be there tomorrow. Furthermore, if I invested in integrating with a service, I’d hope it would stick around. Not this time.

My only advice is to go with a battle-tested, trustworthy communication tool that you can assure to your customer-facing teams will be there when they need it. Lastly, the ability to smoothly operate any collaboration tool may sound simple, but it takes a few cycles to be fluid enough to use it with customers and prospects.

Keep changing, Hangouts. UCx is only getting better.

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