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It’s Time to Reevaluate Your Business Communications Solution

The COVID-19 pandemic forced companies to implement a business communications solution before they were able to do real due diligence in the type of solution that would work best for their organization. As a result, many organizations are now faced with reevaluating if the solution they chose still works to bring distributed teams together to solve business problems. As you reevaluate your business communications solution, here are some evaluation criteria you may want to keep in mind.

Available Features

Communication and collaboration go hand-in-hand, so the solution has to have features that promote this connection. Calling is no longer the only thing you need. Employees expect video features like chatting and conferencing. Also, in order to keep projects moving forward, file-sharing capabilities are a must. And while many businesses reply on emails. Often, employees are seeking for a faster option, making instant messaging desirable for many users to facilitate quick communication.

While some businesses use several vendors to facilitate all these features, it leaves employees having to toggle between applications wasting value time in the process. By using a unified communications solution that combines all the features, businesses can improve efficiencies while reducing costs for redundant technology across vendors.

Administrative Functions

Having an easy administrative portal makes managing interaction data easy. The ability to add and delete users and enable additional features using a simple web interface is key. Unlike many phone and communications solutions available, UCx with Webex requires minimal IT support or training to administer.


Many communication providers are constantly in the news for vulnerabilities within their infrastructure. Hackers don’t think twice on exploiting these vulnerabilities for their gain. Choosing a business communications solution that is built with security in mind rather than an afterthought.  UCx with Webex has enterprise-grade safety complete with end-to-end encryption. So, when you have private conversations and communications, you can ensure they will remain secure.

Business Continuity

In the event of a power outage, storm, fire, or another disaster your offline communications are important to access. UCx with Webex is in the cloud, and not physically housed at your location. Therefore, it’s easy to redirect calls to another location or device if your primary location is unavailable.


A quick video conferencing solution might have been okay during the pandemic, but will it be able to grow with new business needs? Cloud communications software is the foundation for all modern communication solutions. So, it needs to be flexible and scalable to support future growth opportunities.


While the past two years saw an increase in work from home, many employees still need the flexibility of mobility. Does your communication tools allow you to work on various devices and locations using a single meeting room or phone number? If not, you may need to reevaluate. UCx with Webex keeps you connected regardless of where you’re located. Take calls on the go, at home, or in the office using a single phone number and communications app.

Moving your business forward involves change and growth. Having a communication system in place is a crucial piece of the business’s foundation. Facets of a well-equipped solution include essential features, easy-to-use administrative functions, robust security, business continuity abilities, scalability, and mobility. UCx with Webex is an excellent choice to support business communication for the future. Learn why thousands of businesses trust UCx with Webex for their business communications in this blog.

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