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UCx is Making Life Easier for Our Small and Medium Business Clients

By Nancy Ridge of Telecom Brokers

As a technology adviser, I often consult with small and medium business (SMB) owners who recognize the importance of technology to the growth of their companies but don’t have the time to stay on top of the latest products and services available to them. As a result, I spend much of my time keeping business clients up to speed on today’s rapidly changing technologies, new players and viable solutions. Lately, I’ve been talking a lot about TPx UCx solutions.

Those of us in California have known TPx, formerly TelePacific, as the provider that set the standard for quality of service and commitment to customers for the past two decades. The company has a proven history of focusing on relationships as much as technology, which helps us deliver a range of solutions to meet the evolving needs of business users and take care of those users long after implementation. Over time, TPx has evolved into a national managed services carrier whose UCaaS, SD-WAN and managed IT solutions help SMBs drive workforce productivity, improve the quality of products and services, and attract and retain new customers.

I say this as an impartial industry observer and representative of dozens of carriers and other service providers. Our company, Telecom Brokers, works with hundreds of independent sales agents to provide all manner of technology solutions to business clients across the country. In the past, our agents’ discussions with clients frequently focused on phone service, Internet access and network connectivity. That’s still a part of the conversation, of course. But increasingly our agent partners are talking to clients about addressing functional challenges that cause them to be inefficient, serve customers poorly or lose business.

Increasingly, our agents are leveraging TPx products to present new ideas to SMB clients. For example, rather than define collaboration, mobility and cloud as separate domains, TPx enables us to present them as integrated components of its UCx solution. UCx supports file sharing and makes it easier and more secure for mobile employees to stay connected on the go. UCx also gives businesses the ability to transcribe voicemails that can then be read and stored as email, and connect customer service reps in an internal call center that’s integrated with their CRM to deliver pertinent customer information.

With UCx, there also is no need for a separate conferencing service. Indeed, UCx conferencing services perform well and offer features and controls not available with many other systems. That pleases a lot of SMB clients, but they are most excited to learn that they can combine UCx with SD-WAN for Quality of Service (QoS) and failover, even for a single location. In other words, they don’t have to fear moving to VoIP even if they’ve previously experienced poor quality with well-known VoIP brands.

I’ve only touched on a few of the advantages of UCx, but it’s these kinds of capabilities that make life easier for our SMB clients. The challenge for technology distributors like myself is that clients aren’t aware of all the benefits. But that’s a challenge I’m happy to take on if it helps my clients do business better.

About the Author

Nancy Ridge is executive vice president for Telecom Brokers, a full-service technology distributor with a portfolio of products which includes phone service, Internet, MPLS, cloud computing, security and other communication related products from over 150 global service providers. Ridge has served national and key accounts in the telecommunications and utility industries for more than 27 years, serving in senior management positions. She also is past president and co-founder of Women in the Channel, a past board member for Technology Channel Association. Ridge has been recognized as a 2013 nominee for Orange County Women in Business award, and was honored by a 2015 Silver “Stevie” award from the American Business Association for her work with Women in the Channel.

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