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When Should Law Firms Switch to SD-WAN?

In most cases, the top priority for law firms is their ability to gather and manage private information for their clients. Law firms that choose to digitally transform managing their data need legal industry-driven services and solutions that keep data secure and accessible on all fronts. SD-WAN (software-defined wide area networking) is a cornerstone technology for centralizing law firm data while reducing costs. Let’s take a look at some scenarios when law firms should switch to SD-WAN.

Multi-Site Law Firms

Quick access and secure management of client information are key, especially for multi-site law firms. SD-WAN makes it easy for multi-site law firms to stay connected and share data between sites, especially if they choose to work with an MSP (managed service provider). SD-WAN also encrypts traffic in transit helping ensure communications and data remains private and protected.

MSPs specialize in helping multi-site law firms leverage technology that ensures the protection of client data while maintaining reliable access to their business-critical information. For example, an MSP can help ensure compliance for confidential information while helping firms manage their network security. In addition, it can ensure that all of the firm’s locations are connected seamlessly and securely.

Law Firms That Need Flexible, Cost-Effective Deployment

SD-WAN gives legal organizations flexible, cost-effective deployment. It is flexible in that firms can deploy it in multiple environments – hardware-based, hybrid (cloud/software and hardware), or cloud/software-based. Because SD-WAN  traffic is centrally managed and monitored, firms can save money as they do not need to hire a specialized technician for installation.

Law Firms That Want To Maximize Their Speed Without Compromising Data Security

A client’s case can call for a lot of details that law firms need to access quickly and securely.

SD-WAN keeps client data secure using bank-level or military-grade encryption.   SD-WAN also allows organizations to transfer large amounts of data faster by allowing them to replace costly dedicated internet circuits with higher bandwidth and more cost effective ones without sacrificing quality of experience.

Law Firms That Access Data Remotely

Firms that work with TPx have the added benefit of VPN (Virtual Private Network) access to  their corporate network. This gives them an added layer of security when they need to access work data remotely.

All of these SD-WAN benefits can help multi-site law firms get the most out of their technology so they can focus on supporting their clients. SD-WAN keeps client and other sensitive data secure and is flexible enough to support a variety of law firm IT environments.

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