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Like the rest of the nation, all of us here at TPx have been watching Dorian’s impact with increasing concern and a driving desire to help our colleagues, customers and friends in the region. We’ve pulled together the smartest people of our company into an enterprise-wide effort to figure out how to help our customers recover from this disaster and we think we can offer some immediately useful support.

We have come up with temporary options that will help you regain Internet connectivity over 4G-LTE cellular service, set up voice service or quickly establish remote sites that make it possible to restore a virtual business presence that can keep you running while you work to recover from the physical effects of the storm. TPx is waiving our normal usage and setup charges for 90 days for our affected customers with special disaster relief packages that offer quick, uncomplicated access with minimal paperwork requirements to get you into our systems. Our dedicated Dorian technical team will clearly explain them and work with you to get them completed.

To find out the details of these temporary Emergency Relief packages, please call one of the dedicated team of TPx technical and service experts we’ve put together whose primary goal is to help with whatever solution we can put together that’s best for your needs:

Our Dorian hotline is open 24 x 7 at: 877-487-8722

As you can understand, all of this is being done on a best effort basis and we’re concentrating on delivering support to as many customers as quickly as we can. There are still details that we’re working out on the back end but we don’t want to delay getting a workable communications solution into your hands if your operations have been affected by Dorian. Also, please don’t worry for now about billing on your existing account with us. We’ll sort that out with you after your operations are up and running, and we won’t be charging you late fees or sending out any “please pay your bill” notices until things begin to settle down.


We stand ready to help.