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How TPx Enables Remote Work

Get tools for collaboration, business continuity, and security deployed quickly and easily.

Many businesses are resorting to work from home to help prevent the coronavirus from spreading. Having employees work remotely, whether due to COVID-19 or other circumstances, requires proper tools to ensure proper collaboration, business continuity, and security. Many of TPx employees have been telecommuting for years, using the same tools TPx offers to customers who are deploying a remote workforce. We have helped many customers in emergency situations, including wildfires and hurricanes – and we are here to help your business 24/7/365 to weather this storm as well.

Our Work from Home Solutions:

Unified Communications & Collaboration

Video calling. Adding familiar faces to conversations helps lessen the dislocation and keeps people connected.

Instant Messaging & Presence (IM&P): When you can’t walk down the hall, these tools make it easy for users to see whether a colleague is available for a chat, then instantly send a message.

Collaboration services: Virtual, always-on meeting room space for ad-hoc or planned meetings so your teams can easily share information and collaborate using any combination of group chat, voice and video conferencing, desktop and application sharing, and file sending.

Unified messaging: Remote users need access to emails, voicemails, and texts in the format that works best for them, depending on where they are and what they’re doing. Unified mailbox, notifications, and user-defined call routing increase user productivity.

Productivity tools wherever you are (Managed Office 365) Email, shared calendar and other productivity tools accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Security & Continuity

Comprehensive firewall management (Managed Firewall): You want your remote employees to be safe within the corporate network via secure VPN access that gives them access to critical applications and helps them remain productive.

Secure endpoints (Managed Endpoints): Your employees computers are among the most vulnerable points of entry for cybercriminals​, so securing them properly is critical. You’ll want to make sure that they can easily receive security patches, Next Generation AV, secure remote control and troubleshooting support.

Failover when the cable hiccups (Managed SD-WAN): For mission critical positions you want to ensure that there’s not a single point of failure looming.

Contact us to see how we can help you keep your remote workers connected and secure.

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