UCx Group Features

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Although many of the features available with UCx apply directly to individual users, some features relate to groups within your business. These group features empower you to fine-tune your UCx service to meet your unique requirements.

Standard Group Features


Department SupportAll user bundles, phones, and usage for a select group of users can be configured and billed as a “department.”
Extension DialingExtension dialing between users in a group may be configured using 2-6 digits.
Group Calling Line ID DeliveryWhen this feature is selected, a user’s individual caller ID name and number can be over-ridden to display the group name or department and/or number instead.
Hunt GroupsA Hunt Group allows users within a specified sub-group to handle incoming calls received by either a specific phone number or extension. Hunt Groups can distribute calls according the any of the following schemes: Circular, Regular, Simultaneous, Uniform, or Weighted Call Distribution.
Incoming and Outgoing Calling PlanRestrict incoming calls to a group or department, as well as the types of calls that users can make (such as international calls).
Inventory ReportGenerate a report on the resources used within the group. The report is sent via email as an attached CSV file.
Music On HoldUpload audio or video files (WAV or MOV format) containing music or advertising to be played for callers on hold.
SchedulesSchedules are used in services such as Sequential Ring and Call Forwarding Selective to specify the time when the service action should take place during holidays and off-hours.
Series CompletionSeries Completion distributes incoming calls to a pre-defined group of users in a predefined order. Similar to the way a key system works, the series completion number must be a dedicated number without a user or device assigned to it.

Optional Group Features


Account and Authorization CodesThese codes can apply to all calls, or all toll calls.

Account Codes: Prompts users to enter account codes for tracking outgoing calls. Account codes are included in billing reports.

Authorization Codes: Allows users to make calls only after providing valid, pre-defined authorization codes. This does not override any restrictions set in the Outgoing Calling Plan of the user, department, or group.

Auto AttendantThe Auto Attendant is an automated receptionist that answers the phone and provides a personalized message to callers. Callers have the option to connect to the operator, dial by name or extension, or connect to configurable extensions.
Call AccountingCall Accounting provides valuable information on how voice services are utilized by the enterprise, group, department, or call center. Reports are sent by e-mail to one or more designated contacts on a weekly basis.
Call Center Automatically process incoming calls received by a single phone number by distributing them to a group of users or agents.
Call PickupCall Pickup allows a user to answer a call that is ringing at another extension within their call pickup group by dialing a feature access code.
Group PagingGroup Paging allows a user to page a predefined group of up to 1,000 users by dialing a phone number or extension assigned to that group.
Instant Group CallThe Group Administrator creates multiple groups of users (which can include external users) and assigns a call number to each group. When the number is called, each member of the group is rung. As they answer, they are joined into a multi-way conference.
Intercept GroupThe Intercept Group service blocks phone service to an entire group, while providing callers with informative announcements and/or alternate routing options.