International Calling with UCx

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If your business requires outbound calling outside of the contiguous United States and Canada, you can add the International Select Outbound Usage Bundle to your UCx service.

This bundle includes a block of 1,000 minutes for a flat rate to the 25 countries listed below.

Country Code Destination Name Includes Usage to Cellular/Special Services? Other Exclusions
54 Argentina N
61 Australia N
43 Austria N
86 China Y
45 Denmark N
33 France N
49 Germany N
30 Greece N
852 Hong Kong Y
354 Iceland N
353 Ireland N
972 Israel N Palestinian territory (Paltel)
39 Italy N
352 Luxembourg N
31 Netherlands N
64 New Zealand N
48 Poland N
351 Portugal N
65 Singapore Y
34 Spain N
46 Sweden N
41 Switzerland N
886 Taiwan N
66 Thailand Y
44 United Kingdom N