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Silver Peak and TPx Communications Announce Strategic Collaboration for SD-WAN

BARCELONA, Spain, February 26, 2018Silver Peak, the global leader in broadband and hybrid WAN solutions, and TPx Communications, the premier managed services carrier, today announced a strategic global agreement that adds the Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnectSP SD-WAN solution to TPx’s  Managed SD-WAN delivery platform.  EdgeConnect gives TPx the ability to serve multi-location customers with international scope, delivering  a range of tiered managed SD-WAN services architected to efficiently connect users to applications and overcome traditional WAN performance challenges.

TPx evaluated multiple SD-WAN vendors and products as it sought to expand the set of offerings it brings to its enterprise customers with demanding requirements.  It was looking to build upon its SD-WAN expertise and leadership by adding a proven industry leader able to offer solutions for multi-national enterprise customers with sophisticated use cases and deployments of 50 or more sites. After rigorous evaluation, TPx selected Silver Peak to provide a key building block of its SD-WAN strategy, including international expansion.

Key Selection Criteria:

  • Router replacement with seamless BGP and OSPF routing interoperability
  • Flexibly use any combination of transport, including LTE, as a primary underlay
  • Integrated WAN optimization with Unity Boost
  • Dynamic path conditioning to accelerate application performance over broadband
  • Integrated stateful firewall and service chaining to next-generation firewalls
  • Secure local internet breakout for direct branch to cloud application access

As enterprises embrace the cloud, IT leaders are quickly realizing the limits of conventional router-centric WAN architectures. TPx is leading the way forward with a simpler and more efficient application-driven WAN architecture. Together with Silver Peak, TPx will now offer tiered managed SD-WAN services as part of its Managed SD-WAN delivery platform to support the support the following sophisticated enterprise use cases:

  • TPx Enterprise Connectivity and Availability to address the most resilient and agile branch site deployments, combining MPLS, DIA and LTE underlays to overcome conventional WAN performance challenges
  • TPx Enterprise Performance for Cloud and Data Center Application Access with the flexibility to use any transport, seamlessly integrate WAN optimization and enable local internet breakout for direct access to cloud-hosted applications
  • TPx Enterprise Cloud Connect to accelerate access to cloud-hosted applications providing SaaS optimization and integrated WAN optimization
  • TPx Thin Branch integrating SD-WAN, WAN optimization, routing, security and application visibility and control to simplify and consolidate branch infrastructure

“We look forward to continuing our success leveraging SD-WAN to help businesses grow and compete, with Silver Peak playing a role supporting our Managed SD-WAN  delivery platform,” said Jared Martin, Vice President, TPx Communications. “Together with Silver Peak, we’ll alleviate WAN deployment headaches like multiple provider footprints, complex routing protocols, skyrocketing expenses and limited connectivity and redundancy. Now we can bring customers tiered managed SD-WAN services that offer cloud-delivered, guaranteed performance that maintains seamless connectedness for our enterprise clients with evolving global needs.”

“Innovative service provider partners like TPx are leading the way forward in enabling domestic, multi-national and global enterprises to move beyond the cost, complexity and inefficiency of conventional router-centric WAN architectures to fully embrace the cloud with a managed application-driven WAN edge,” said Shayne Stubbs, vice president of service provider and cloud for Silver Peak. “With the advanced features and capabilities of EdgeConnectSP, TPx can confidently deliver a robust set of tiered managed SD-WAN services that provide enterprises with flexible services to address both their core and advanced network requirements on demand.


About Silver Peak

Silver Peak is the global leader in broadband and hybrid WAN solutions. Silver Peak offers a high-performance SD-WAN solution that provides secure and reliable virtual overlays to connect users to applications with the flexibility to use any combination of underlying transport without compromising application performance. This results in greater business agility and lower costs. More than 3,000 globally distributed enterprises have deployed Silver Peak broadband and hybrid WAN solutions across 80 countries. Learn more at silver-peak.com.

About TPx Communications

TPx Communications is a new kind of managed services provider – the premier national managed services carrier. TPx is redefining the way enterprises grow, compete and communicate. TPx’s Unified Communications, Managed IT services, continuity and connectivity solutions all work together to “reach a higher state of connectedness” – with customers, employees, clients, suppliers, locations, applications and more.  We can provide guaranteed performance wherever there’s a broadband connection, erasing the limitations of geography, incumbent providers and capital expenditure. Headquartered in Los Angeles, with major locations across the country, TPx has delivered 15 years of consecutive quarter-over-quarter growth, driven by a DNA of obsessive customer service and word-of-mouth referral.  For more information, go to www.tpx.com.