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Dynamic E911 for UCx with Webex

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Employees Can Dynamically Manage Their Emergency Location Information

TPx believes it is critical to ensure proper emergency address information has been entered for all users so that every emergency call gets correctly routed to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) and your employees get the critical response they need if they ever need to dial 911 using UCx with Webex service.

UCx with Webex lets employees self-manage their 911 settings dynamically. The app even detects when a laptop has connected to a new network location and automatically prompts the user to update their 911 settings. Furthermore, addresses entered get validated for format accuracy against a database, ensuring that what gets passed to the PSAP is an accurate, routable address.

This innovation helps reduce the burden on IT administrators who might otherwise be responsible for managing ALI information for many users. This can be particularly beneficial for organizations with many employees or remote workers who frequently change locations. But the true benefit of empowering end users to self-manage their emergency 911 address is improved emergency response times to increased employee safety.


  • Location Management:
    • The customer is responsible to manage location info natively in the Webex app
  • Alerts and Notifications:
    • If customer wants to change or add an E-Mail destination for 911\933 notifications, they must submit a support request to TPx to do this.

E911 Settings on UCx with Webex Desktop

Once logged into the app users will have an E911 Settings icon at the bottom part of the application. Webex will prompt the user If:

  • A user is physically at a location Webex has never registered before
  • The network the user is connected to changes (Example, switching from plugged in to WiFi)
  • The user ignored the previous prompt. (Waits 24 hours)

Procedure for Testing

  • Call 933 to reach an automated verification service that will read back your current 911 address settings
  • Hang up after hearing the correct address.
  • Note, TPx uses a Callback DID Pooling system for all emergency calls so the number that 933 reads back to you will not be the specific telephone number you are calling from. But it will route back directly to you.
  • From your mobile phone, you can call the DID Pooling-assigned number to simulate a PSAP callback.
  • Ensure the call is routed back to the Webex user used to make the 933 Test call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is UCx with Webex compliant with Kari’s Law and The Ray Baum’s Act?
A: Yes. The features discussed in this brochure assist business to comply with these FCC regulations.

Q: I entered an address, but Webex says it’s invalid. What do I do?
A: Use the USPS Validation tool to check that you are using the correct format.

Q: I work from home and already registered my address, but I got a prompt asking for my address again. Why?
A: This usually happens if you are connecting your computer both physically and wirelessly or if your WAN IP address changes. Register your 911 address again and the system will store it for this “new” combo.

Q: I logged into my phone, but don’t get the E911 popup.
A: Nothing is wrong. This is expected behavior. Any 911 calls made using a cell phone will be directed to the phone’s native dialer, so the call is made using the mobile network instead of Webex.

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