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Additional Functions in DTO

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The following functions are available in both Manage DTO Numbers and Manage DTO Default Number.

View Selected Row

To view an individual record, click on the row and then click the RTAP paper icon button in the lower left corner of the report window. A View Record (Figure 1) window will open to display that record’s details. Use the left and right arrows to scroll through the records. Click the Close button when finished.

Figure 1: View Record

Find Records

To perform a search, click on a row and then click the RTAP magnaglass icon button in the lower left corner of the window. A Search window will open. Input your search criteria and click Find.


Close the Search window to view your results within the report.

Search results may clear when the data refreshes. To view the same search results again, click the RTAP magnaglass icon button; the fields will pre-populate with your last search. Click Find to re-run the search with the same criteria.

Click Reset to clear the search fields.

Reload Grid

Click RTAP arrow icon to manually refresh the report data.

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