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Create a New Conference

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You can create a new conference if you have host privileges on a Meet-Me Conferencing bridge.

  1. Log in to the UCx Web Portal at
  2. Click Meet-Me Conferencing on the left menu.
  3. On the Meet-Me Conferencing page, click Conferences.
  4. On the Meet-Me Conferences page, click Add.
  5. The Meet-Me Conference Add page opens.
  6. From the Bridge dropdown, select the conferencing bridge you want to use.
  7. In the Title box, enter a name for the conference.
  8. (optional) In the Account Code box, enter an account code to be included in the call detail records (CDRs) for the call. The account code can be any string of digits; it does not need to match an account code provisioned for the group.
  9. (optional) Enter an Estimated number of participants for this conference. If this number exceeds the participant limit defined by your administrator and/or the maximum number of ports available on the bridge, a message appears informing you of the allowed maximum.

    NOTE: Automatic Lecture Mode will be automatically enabled if your conference has more than 147 attendees.

  10. (optional) Add restrictions on the conference by checking one or more of the following options: Mute all attendees on entry, End conference when moderator departs, Moderator required to start conference, Enable security pin, or Allow Unique Identifier.
    1. A Security PIN is generated by the system when the conference is created, and can be viewed on the Meet-Me Conference Modify page. When this option is enabled, conference participants and moderators must enter a security PIN to join the conference.
    2. When the Allow Unique Identifier option is enabled, both the moderator and the participant have the option to enter a unique identification code after accessing the conference.
  11. For the When attendees join/leave setting, select one of the following options: Play tone, Play recorded name, or No notification.
  12. Specify the conference type: One-Time, Recurring, or Reservationless. The options in the Scheduling Details box change depending on what you select (see below for further details).
  13. Click OK to save changes, or Cancel to exit without saving.

Options for a One-Time Conference

Select the Start Date, Start Time, and Duration. For Duration, the hours field has options of 1 hour through 23 hours, and the minutes field has options of 00, 15, 30, and 45 minutes.

Options for a Recurring Conference

A “recurring” conference is one that is scheduled with multiple occurrences at regular intervals (daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly). For a recurring conference, select the Start Date, Start TimeDuration, Recurrence Pattern, and Recurrence Range.

Options for a Reservationless Conference

A “reservationless” conference has no specific start or end times. This type of conference can be used to start a conference call at any time.

When there is a system-level conference end date restriction, the Start Date and End Date options appear. The End Date is pre-populated with 1 month from the current date.

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