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Manage Contacts in Dash

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View Contacts

Click the Contacts link on the left side of the page to load the active contacts that TPx has listed for your company. Click the column headers to sort the contacts. To view inactive contacts, click the drop-down box at the top right of the table and change the Active option to Inactive or All.

You can view the full details for a contact by clicking the contact’s name on this main list page. There are four tabs along the top of the contact page:

  • Main: Lists contact information, any addresses that the contact is listed as the site contact, and their TPx notification settings.
  • Items: Lists active orders, service tickets, and quotes that are associated to the contact.
  • Dash: Dash portal access information for the contact.
  • Notes: A history of changes for that contact.

Add a New Contact

Click the Add link at the top right of the main table. Fill out the required fields, along with any optional fields, and click the Save button. (After July 2021 TPx will require all contact email addresses to be unique and functional.)

Edit an Existing Contact

Once the contact’s page is loaded, authorized users will see Edit links next to each field. Use this link to make any updates as needed. For example, you may find that someone’s last name is missing or is misspelled. Please edit any email address to ensure it is both unique to the Dash database and functional so updates for cases can be automated. You are invited to make any and all updates to contact information so that TPx has the most current information.

To give the contact access to Dash: click the Dash tab, click the Create user link at the top right, and then click the Save button on the pop-up message. Next, set the contact’s User access by clicking the Edit link next to that field (super-users can view and manage the entire customer record with TPx, while account restricted users can only view billing and operational information as specified). Once the access level is set, click the Send invitation link at the top right to formally invite them to Dash.

NOTE: If a contact is no longer with your company, please change their status to Inactive. This will ensure that TPx has the most current information. Plus, if that user has access to Dash, this action will disable their access to this system.

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