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Manage Phone Numbers Assigned to a Group

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Use the Group – Numbers page to list the phone numbers assigned to your group. From this page you can also view which department and/or user a number is assigned to, as well as the numbers that are available for assignment.

View Phone Numbers

  1. Log in to with your group admin credentials.
  2. Click Resources on the left menu.
  3. On the Resources page, click Numbers.
  4. Enter the search criteria to find a specific phone number, then click Search. Alternatively, to pull a complete list of all numbers, leave the search criteria fields blank and click Search.
  5. The phone numbers are displayed.


Assign a Number to a Department

Assigning phone numbers to departments offers a way to organize and categorize the numbers available to your group. The department to which a given phone number is assigned does not need to match the department of the user to whom the number is assigned.

Use these steps to assign an unassigned number to a department, or change the department assigned to a number, or unassign a number from a department.

  1. Follow the steps above to locate the number you want to reassign. Click the Edit link on the row for that number.
  2. The Assign Numbers Modify page opens.
  3. Click the number in the Phone Numbers column, then click Add >. The number moves to the Assign to Department column.
  4. Select a department from the dropdown at the top of the Assign to Department list. To unassign the number from a department, select None.
  5. Click OK or Apply to save changes, or Cancel to exit without saving.

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