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Modify an Existing Auto Attendant

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NOTE: To add a new Auto Attendant or delete an existing Auto Attendant, contact TPx’s Customer Care Provisioning team at 888-322-6553.

  1. Log in to the UCx Web Portal at
  2. On the Group home page, click Services on the left-hand menu. On the Group – Services page, click Auto Attendant.
  3. The Auto Attendant page lists all Auto Attendants currently configured for your group. On this list, locate the Auto Attendant you wish to modify, and click Edit.
  4. The Profile page for the selected Auto Attendant will open. Click the Profile link.
  5. The Auto Attendant Modify page is displayed.
  6. To change any of the Basic Information, modify the appropriate field(s) and select OK. To exit without making any changes, select Cancel.
Field Description
Auto Attendant Type Assigned by TPx.
Auto Attendant ID Assigned by TPx.
Name Name of this Auto Attendant, for your reference.
Calling Line ID Last Name
Calling Line ID First Name
Combined, these fields create the name that will appear on the outbound caller ID.
Department The department the Auto Attendant is associated with, if Departmental Billing is in use.
Language The language in which service-specific messages are played during calls to the Auto Attendant. The default is English.
Time Zone The applicable time zone for the Auto Attendant.
Network Class of Service Defaults to None.
Enable video support Determines whether video announcements may be played for this Auto Attendant.
Scope of Extension Dialing Determines whether extension dialing applies across the department, group, or enterprise (if your group is part of an enterprise) of the Auto Attendant.
Scope of Name Dialing Determines whether name dialing applies across the department, group, or enterprise (if your group is part of an enterprise) of the Auto Attendant.
Name Dialing Entries Defines how a caller should enter the name of the person they want to reach:

  • LastName + FirstName – The caller must first enter the last name of the person and then the first name.
  • LastName + FirstName and FirstName + LastName – The caller can enter either the last name and then the first name of the person, OR the first name and then the last name.
Transfer to the operator after… Provide the initial menu inactivity delay allowed (in seconds) until the user is transferred to the Operator.


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