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After installation, the Post-Sales Provisioning and Repair teams will be your contacts for Customer Support. During the life of your contract, these teams will facilitate any changes or support needed for your services.   Billing and general issues are supported by the Customer Care Team.


Once your services are up and running, contact TPx Customer Service for any service related issue after the installation.

Call 877-487-8722

This is your entry point for TPx customer support. The following options will be available from a recorded menu. To access them directly, press the keypad number at any time.

Press 2: Technical Support

The Technical Support Representative answering the telephone will log your call and give you a trouble ticket number. Then this person will work to resolve your issue.

If you require more assistance, TPx will involve a Customer Technical Support Expert who will respond to the request usually within one hour or immediately if they are able. At that time the expert will either tell you that the issue is resolved or will tell you the steps necessary to reach resolution. This expert will remain your point of contact until your ticket is closed.

Press 3: Billing and General Inquiries, Address Changes

Our Customer Service Representatives are on call to answer any billing or general inquiries you may have.

Press 4: Moves

If you want to move you service to a different location, we can get you set up and help you with planning and scheduling.

Press 5: Changes to Your Service

A member of our change team is ready to take your order. They will begin the order process by initiating the change order. The change team member will walk you through the order process and inform you of the necessary steps to implement your change request. We will give you estimated time frames based on the complexity of the order.

Of course, your sales rep knows you best. You can also call your TPx rep directly and they will review your order and place it with our change team.



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