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N-Way Calling for Polycom Phones

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Similar to three-way calling, N-Way Calling allows you to add up to 12 additional parties to an ad-hoc conference call. No conference bridges or access codes are required.

How to Make an N-Way Call

  1. Dial the first party. When the first party answers, you can start to add more participants.
  2. Press the Conference key on your phone. This puts the active call on hold and provides you with a dial tone.
  3. Call the next party.
  4. When the second party answers, press Conference. This action initiates the N-Way Calling feature. (Your phone’s display will now read “To: [email protected] nway”.)
  5. Press Conference. You receive a dial tone. The other two parties remain connected. Call the third party. When the third party answers, press Conference again to add yourself and this party to the call.
  6. Repeat step 5 until you have called all parties (up to 12). All parties remain connected and can speak with one another while you are calling the others.
  7. When all parties have been contacted, press Conference again to connect yourself and the last called party to the others. You can now begin your conference.

NOTE: The Polycom SoundPoint IP 330 and 450 do not have a Conference button on the phone. For both these models, use the phone’s soft keys. If the desired soft key is not displayed, press More first, then Conference.

Hold During an N-Way Call

If you press Hold during a conference, your connection to the conference is put on hold. The other parties remain connected and can continue to speak with one another. You can answer an incoming call or make an outgoing call at this time. To resume the conference without taking any other action, press the Resume button.

Adding an Active Call to an N-Way Call

If you are on an N-Way call and receive an incoming call you would like to add to the conference, press Hold. This puts your connection to the conference on hold; all others remain connected. Answer the incoming call, press More and then Join. This party is now part of your N-Way Call. (This is true only if you have not already reached the called party limit of 12.)

Ending an N-Way Call

Because you are the person who set up the N-Way Call, when you hang up, all parties are disconnected and the call ends. Individual parties can hang up at any time without impacting other parties on the N-Way Call.

Cancel Actions While Setting Up an N-Way Call

You can press the Cancel key to cancel any action while setting up an N-Way Call (such as a misdial). If you are making a call to invite a party to join the conference and you reach voice mail or the party declines, you can press the End Call key to end the call. Pressing Conference again joins you to the other parties already connected. (Or you can press Conference a second time to get a dial tone and continue to add participants.)

Additional Notes

  • N-Way Calling is useful for ad hoc conferences. However, for many conference situations, the chairperson will require controls which are not available with N-Way Calling. In those instances, we recommend using TPx Meet-Me Conferencing.
  • To use the soft keys on your Polycom phone, you may need to press the “More” key to display the required soft key.

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