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The Polycom Phone Services page of the UCx Web Portal lists all the device profiles for which you are the primary user.

  1. Log in to the UCx Web Portal at
  2. Click Client Applications on the left-hand menu.
  3. On the Client Applications page, click the Polycom Phone Services link in the Advanced column.
  4. The Polycom Phone Services page opens.
  5. To configure the Polycom Phone Services, click Edit in the row containing the service you want to configure. The Polycom Phone Services page will appear.
  6. Click On or Off.
  7. Select Include the Personal Phone List in the Polycom Phone Directory OR select Include the following Group Custom Contact Directory in the Polycom Phone Directory, and then select a directory from the drop down list.
  8. Click OK or Apply to save changes, or Cancel to exit without saving.

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