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TPx always recommends that you either purchase or rent desk phones directly from us. This ensures that your phones will function correctly with UCx and allows TPx to fully support each phone with thoroughly tested configuration files and stable firmware.

We recognize, however, that you may wish to provide your own devices. For example, you may have acquired those devices from a previous hosted voice provider and want to take advantage of that past investment. For those situations, we have the following levels of support for Customer Provided Devices.

Managed Devices

Prior to your UCx service installation, you must have full access rights to your phones (including admin passwords for all devices) and provide TPx with the phones’ current firmware versions. You must also be willing to transfer management of the phones, including access rights, to TPx for the duration of their use with UCx. TPx will maintain current firmware and all configuration files.

Model list

  • Algo: 8061, 8028, 8028V, 8036, 8061, 8180, 8186, 8188
  • Grandstream: DP 720, DP 750
  • Polycom VVX series: VVX1500, VVX600/601, VVX500/501, VVX400/401/410/411, VVX300/301/310/311
  • Polycom SoundStation series: IP7000, IP6000, IP5000
  • Polycom SoundPoint IP series: IP670, IP650, IP560, IP550, IP450, IP335, IP331, IP321

Allowed Devices

All other SIP enabled phone devices that are not on the prohibited list below may be used at your risk and discretion. TPx makes no guarantee that other models will work, either in part or in full. TPx will provide working SIP credentials and you will be 100% responsible for all firmware, configuration settings, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Prohibited Devices

Select phones, which have either been set to “End of Life” by their manufacturer and/or shown to have adverse effects on the UCx system, have been moved to a prohibited status and will not be allowed to be used with UCx.

Model list

  • Polycom SoundPoint IP (Legacy) series: IP600/601, IP500/501, IP300/301
  • Polycom SoundStation IP4000

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