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Webex Is In Your Next Upgrade from TPx

TPx has partnered with Cisco Webex to bring you a fully integrated collaboration experience within a single app. Watch the video below to see what else is in.

What You Will Love About This Upgrade

Don’t just chat, collaborate with persistent spaces. Share files, share links, chat, and know that all participants can view and access all documents within that space. No more email forwarding or lost attachments, just upload to the space to give everyone access.

Before You Upgrade, Please Make Sure to Complete the Following:

  • Ensure your users all save any contacts or messages they need access to. Contacts and message history will not migrate over to Webex.
  • Ensure your users either already have Webex pre-loaded on their PC or Mac or they have the appropriate level of local administration credentials to install Webex on their computer, themselves.

App Installation for IT Admins

The native Webex application does not require administrative credentials to install on a device, but we know that companies focused on security may have IT policies that do require administrative credentials to install any application. If this is the case in your organization, in order to make the upgrade process seamless, TPx recommends pushing the application the night before or morning of the upgrade. If users have access to the application prior to the upgrade, they may inadvertently create a free Cisco Webex account that will need to be deleted and will slow the activation process.

Download the MSI file from Cisco

What will the Upgrade Process Look Like?

Step 1 – Make sure all your users are ready and aware of the upgrade. Ensure the new Webex application is pre-loaded or your users are able to load it themselves and that they have saved any contacts or chats they want to keep.

Step 2 – On the day of the upgrade, we will activate the mandatory upgrade notification in your current UCx Client. The upgrade notification will include a link for your users to download and install the latest version of Webex, direct from Cisco.

Step 3 – Users Download and Install App (unless you have pre-installed the app for them)

Step 4 – Users login to Webex using their UCx credentials of Username + Password

Step 5 – Users input the email address they want to use and click the verification link they receive

Step 6 – Users complete setting up Webex by creating a new password for their Webex login. Going forward users will use their Webex email and password for all Webex logins.

You may also Download the Upgrade Walkthrough Guide here.

You’ve Upgraded. Now What?

Congratulations, you have successfully upgraded to UCx with Cisco Webex. Now you may begin taking advantage of the most powerful collaboration application available today. Watch the video below to see a hands-on look at using Cisco Webex.

UCx with Cisco Webex App Video Overview

FAQ: UCx with Cisco Webex Upgrade

Q: Is this a Cisco product that we’re using?
A: TPx has partnered with Cisco, the global leading provider in video conferencing solutions, to bring you a fully integrated collaboration experience, seamlessly delivering our calling capabilities that you rely on combined with Cisco Webex advanced messaging and meetings capabilities.

Q: Can I still contact TPx for support?
A: Yes, absolutely! Please continue to contact TPx with any and all questions related to your UCx with Cisco Webex service and other TPx services. For Webex general question, please also feel free to use Cisco’s online help center, filled with additional tips & tricks, what’s new features, and more.

Q: Do I have to upgrade? When does this need to be completed?
A: Yes, the upgrade is required for all users. Please check your email to learn when your specific upgrade date is. If you no longer have access to that email, please contact your Account Manager who will be able to look it up for you.
***Please note, once the upgrade is complete, you will no longer have access to your old UCx app.

Q: Do I need to keep my current UCx app or can I delete it?
A: Once you’ve been upgraded to UCx with Cisco Webex, you will no longer need your old client application. Please make sure to retrieve all your contacts and save any old messages, prior to your upgrade date as you’ll have no access to the old client once your upgrade is complete.

Q: I can’t remember my username and password. What do I do?
A: Your company administrator will have the ability to reset your UCx password. If you are the company administrator and need help, you may contact TPx Support for assistance.
Contact support

Q: I downloaded the new app but now I don’t see any of my contacts?
A: Old contacts will not migrate over with the upgrade. Once you have UCx with Cisco Webex installed, all you need to do is search for a co-worker and then start a chat. Once chat is initiated, your chat message will appear in the activity feed (second column).

Q: I downloaded the app but don’t see my message history. Help?
A: Because Webex uses a completely different messaging system, your old message history does not carry over.

Q: I downloaded the new app, logged in, now how do I find my co-workers?
A: First, make sure that everyone in your company has also downloaded, installed, and logged in to Cisco Webex. Once verified, simply click in the search bar at the top of your Webex application and enter your coworker’s name or email. Webex will present them as soon as it finds a match!

Q: I downloaded both the desktop & mobile apps. Will my chats be synchronized?
A: Yes! All activity from your messages and call history will be synched. You can seamlessly move between desktop and mobile and always have the most recent activity captured.

Q: I can’t complete my registration. It says my email is in use.
A: Webex requires a unique email address to complete your registration. If you have an existing account, you’ll either need to delete that free account or provide us with a new email address. You can follow these instructions to complete your registration.

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