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Viewing Faxes in the Virtual Fax Web Portal

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To view a fax in the Virtual Fax portal, simply click on that fax’s entry in the Inbound History or Outbound History.

The following buttons appear at the top of the page:

  • Download: Downloads a copy of the fax image to your local device in TIFF format.
  • Forward: (Inbound faxes only) Forward the fax to one or more recipients.
  • Resubmit: (Outbound faxes only) Resends the fax to the same number or to different number(s).
  • Delete: Deletes the fax.
  • More Actions – Print Fax Information: Opens your web browser’s Print dialog to print the fax Properties, Routing History, and Note together.
  • More Actions – Mark as Unviewed:  Returns the fax to unviewed status (bold text on the history list).

Underneath the buttons, the fax details are divided into these tabs:

  • Fax: Shows the image contents of the fax; cannot be edited.
  • Properties: Shows details about the fax’s transmission.
  • Routing History: (Inbound faxes only) Shows the routing information and history for this fax.
  • Note: A space for you to add personal notes to the fax. For example, you could use the note as a content reminder or as keywords for a search query. The text box can contain up to 2,500 characters.
  • Event Log: Displays all actions that were performed on this fax.

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