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TPx Communications and CounterTack Partner to Deliver Best-in-Class Managed Endpoint Security Services

WALTHAM, Mass.–CounterTack, the leading provider of Predictive Endpoint Security for the enterprise, today announced a partnership with TPx, a premier nationwide managed services provider. CounterTack has established itself as the only true behavior-based predictive endpoint solution with in-memory analysis, multi-tenancy, and scalability that can manage hundreds of thousands of endpoints in a single deployment.

Under the agreement, TPx will deploy CounterTack’s Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) to broaden its Managed Endpoint offering later this year, giving even more depth and capability to the managed security services TPx just rolled out. This industry-leading package helps businesses worldwide, ranging from enterprise organizations to SMBs, pinpoint potential infiltrations and neutralize advanced endpoint threats. The dynamic prevention and protection at scale offered by EPP will round out TPx service offering with proven capabilities that allow enterprises worldwide to detect and respond to unknown malware, insider threats, data loss prevention, fileless malware, forensics and more.

CounterTack EPP has established itself as the leading endpoint detection, response and prevention solution with a comprehensive suite of features. EPP includes Digital DNA with its one-of-a-kind, patented real-time binary analysis for processes running in memory. With the ability to behaviorally detect and act on advanced malware, zero-days, insider threats, movement of sensitive files, multi-tenancy, cloud or on-premises deployment, easily scalable infrastructure that supports deployments of hundreds of thousands of endpoints, and an underlying architecture that can ingest and process massive volumes of endpoint telemetry data with real-time analytics, EPP was the clear choice for TPx.

TPx Managed Endpoints is a key part of its just released comprehensive security services suite that provides the essential protection businesses need today. This comprehensive workstation and server solution includes application patching for critical updates, next-gen endpoint protection software, system performance monitoring, inventory reporting and more. Critical customer systems remain healthy and stable with the help of TPx’s 100% U.S-based engineering and support teams, freeing in-house resources to focus on other needed tasks.

“Teaming with CounterTack to enhance our MSx Endpoints product with Managed Detection and Response will help our installed base and potential customers have more visibility and control over the mounting and dangerous endpoint threats they face,” said Jared Martin, VP of MSx Managed Services at TPx. “Integrating the continuous, behavior-based detection and response capabilities from CounterTack helps TPx communications reduce risk, promote business resiliency and challenge attackers, at a time when endpoints are the most targeted and vulnerable element of the business infrastructure.”

As a result, TPx and CounterTack customers can benefit from early detection, preventative controls, and automated response capabilities, coupled with highly intelligent correlation capabilities before endpoint threats can fully execute or escalate in severity.

“TPx and CounterTack are partnering to counter today’s advanced, targeted threats and deliver a new class of endpoint protection services for customers,” said Neal Creighton, CEO, CounterTack. “When advanced, unknown threats attempt to penetrate our customer’s networks, TPx and CounterTack will have already identified and mitigated those threats and eliminated the opportunity for them to impact business operations.”

About TPx
TPx is the premier managed services provider, redefining the way enterprises grow, compete and communicate. TPx’s unified communications, managed IT services, continuity and connectivity solutions all work together to “reach a higher state of connectedness” – with customers, employees, clients, suppliers, locations, applications and more. TPx can provide guaranteed performance wherever there’s a broadband connection, erasing the limitations of geography, incumbent providers and capital expenditure. Headquartered in Los Angeles, with major locations across the country, TPx has delivered 16 years of consecutive revenue growth, driven by a DNA of obsessive customer service and being a trusted advisor to its customers. For more information, go to www.tpx.com.

About CounterTack
CounterTack is the leading provider of Predictive Endpoint Detection, Response and Next Gen Antivirus, which together, is coined by Gartner as Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) for the enterprise. CounterTack’s EPP delivers multi-vector detection, prevention, and response by applying a unique combination of behavioral analysis, memory forensics, machine learning, and reputational techniques to counter the most advanced threats. CounterTack detects and analyzes threats based on behaviors observed in the operating system, in memory and on-disk, leveraging analytics that examine the cause and effect of endpoint state changes. CounterTack empowers security teams with the tools, information, and context they require to prevent and neutralize threats across the entire threat spectrum before they damage the business. CounterTack currently has over 300 customers globally and powers the Managed Detection and Response (MDR) offerings of a growing ecosystem of the world’s leading MSSPs.

To learn more, please visit: https://www.countertack.com or follow them on Twitter at @CounterTack.


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