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Get an In-depth View of the Current State of Your Network

TPx’s Network Security Evaluation is a fast and free assessment to identify your security risks and help you understand your network usage.

Benefits of a Network Security Evaluation with TPx

Many managed services providers charge for a Network Security Evaluation, while at TPx, there’s zero cost to you.

Get an in-depth view of the current state of your network

Understand if your current security infrastructure can accurately detect today’s sophisticated attacks

See how apps (traditional and web-based) are truly being utilized on your network

Know if your current security solution will be able to meet increased throughput and encryption demands

Know Your Vulnerabilities? We Can Help at No Cost To You.

CTAP sample report data
Sample report data

What to Expect in the Report

Our detailed Network Security Evaluation is designed to give you an in-depth report on your network infrastructure. Monitoring looks for application vulnerabilities, malware, proxy app access, bandwidth analysis and other key indicators to help your team ensure that network deployments are secure.
Security – Application vulnerabilities observed, malware botnet detection and at-risk devices within the network
Productivity – Application categories and cloud usage, peer-to-peer, proxy app and remote access and web-based applications and browsing habits
Utilization – Bandwidth analysis and top consumers, average log rates/sessions for sizing and SSL utilization and encryption impact

How It Works

Requires less than 30 minutes of customer time. Done in a week or less. No cost or risk to you or your customers.

Install Network Security device at your site


Monitor traffic logs for 3 to 7 business days


Review report with SA


Discuss findings and retrieve Network Security device


Select which installation option works for your business:

  1. In the one-arm sniffer deployment, the FortiGate is configured with a single sniffer interface that connects to the customer LAN uplink or uplink to a specific LAN Segment.  This is the less invasive deployment option as it does not require any cabling changes to the customer. There is no downtime involved. To use a one-arm sniffer deployment, a customer must create a SPAN port (aka mirror port/monitor port) on their switch with the source being towards their LAN uplink you want to monitor and the destination being the FortiGate sniffer interface. 
  2. In the in-line deployment, the FortiGate configures two interfaces in what is known as a virtual wire pair (VWP). In this deployment style, the FortiGate will bridge the connection between the customer LAN and their existing Firewall/Router. No IP changes are required. The FortiGate will monitor the traffic and forward it along without changes.  Note that configuring In-line mode will require some downtime as cabling is moved to the assessment device. 

Once the data collection is complete, the FortGate will be removed from the customer network. IT will then be retrieved by a TPx engineer, or for a remote engagement, mailed back to TPx using the provided shipping materials.

*Note that all data is handled in accordance with GDPR regulations and completely protected. No data payloads are removed from the device; only packet header information is used to generate the report. All reports are purged 30 days after assessment completion. Further information regarding data handling can be provided upon request.

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