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Basic Features in Group Profile Menu

Expanded Features for Space Meetings

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Announcement Repository

The Announcement Repository is a library for all of your recorded greetings and announcements. You can upload and record new announcements, share an announcement across multiple services, modify an announcement while it is still in use, or store extra announcements without assigning them to services.
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Manage User Accounts and Settings

As an administrator in the UCx Web Portal, you have the ability to view or modify individual users' settings. This is useful when you want to change policies for a user from the policies assigned to the group or if you need to change settings for a departed employee. In some cases, administrators handle all set up and changes for employees.
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Record an Audio Greeting From Your Computer

With TPx's messaging system, you can upload custom greetings and on-hold music to your Announcement Repository in WAV format. However, the system expects to receive a WAV file with specific properties.
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