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TPx Portals


Manage your account at your convenience. View and pay your bill, create call detail reports, view and track trouble tickets and manage your toll free service.


Use Dash to view and manage general account information such as monthly invoices, service tickets and change requests.


Configure features for your UCx services including call control, voicemail, auto attendant and more.

UCx Call Reporting

You'll enjoy maximum visibility and control with a choice of over 400 sets of historic and real-time statistics, brought to life with easy-to-assimilate charts, dials and alarms.

UCx Contact Center

Provides access to Contact Center modules that enable authorized users to view real-time and historical contact center data, silently monitor interactions (calls, chats, emails) directed to destination sites, create agent accounts and other contact center resources, and control contact treatment and distribution by creating and editing scheduled contact routing strategies and team capacity strategies.

UCx Real-Time Applications

Manage Call Alert Notification, Call Center Reporting, and Workgroup Monitoring services.

Smart Voice

Administrator and End User portal access to activate, deactivate and configure SmartVoice features.

MSx Managed WAN

View centralized installation, configuration and MSx Managed SD-WAN network monitoring. Core customers have read/write access to manage their configurations. Optimum customers have read access.

Network Monitor

Network Monitor's web-based dashboard gives you an instantly understandable picture of both enterprise-wide and individual interface performance.

MSx Managed Endpoints

Customer-configured service administration and alerting notifications, leveraging MSx Endpoints' library of automated procedures, and read-only access to audit information (make/model/serial of all machines, physical inventory of hardware, software, and path status).

Virtual Fax

Send and receive faces, view fax history, and manage address books.

Virtual Fax Admin

Manage your Virtual Fax user accounts, view all fax history, and configure fax processing settings.


Access voicemail, program find me, follow me capabilities, set up distribution lists online and more.

One-Stop Shop

Use the portal to access administrative controls for your website such as managing your FTP site and website forwarding.

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