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Risk Assessment Calculator

Take control of your cybersecurity risk and make informed decisions with confidence using our free Risk Assessment Calculator.

Taking proactive measures can help defend your business from cyberattacks. It’s time to know what vulnerabilities you may have. Please answer the questions below regarding your technology infrastructure, and we will calculate your level of risk using our proprietary intelligence.

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1Security enabled in your email system?
2 DNS filtering or web filtering in place to block malicious web content
3 Anti-malware software is deployed on all systems commonly affected by malware
4 User installed programs or apps are managed and limited using pre-approved lists, whitelisting, or blacklisting
5 User training is in place to educate against threats like phishing and ransomware
6 Perimeter traffic is monitored
7 Internal network traffic is monitored
8 Multi-factor authentication is in place for users
9 Systems are backed up daily to an offsite or cloud location with the ability to restore
10 Critical systems can be isolated and run manually or independently from IT
11 Disaster recovery and incident response plans are in place and reviewed annually
12 All available patches are up to date across systems and software
13 Next-gen antivirus is installed on all computers and servers

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