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Managed Internet Solutions for Business

You need to seamlessly connect with customers, locations, suppliers and markets. We can help you do it in an easily managed, reliable and cost-effective network. At TPx, we bring the connectivity that’s right for your business and weave it into a comprehensive IT solution. 

Benefits of Managed Connectivity with TPx

Your business runs on internet connectivity and we deliver high-performance, highly available secure internet connectivity hosted by multiple data centers and service providers.  

Extension of TPx's award-winning managed services into the customer LAN for better performance and security

Network visibility into network users, their devices and their applications for rich analytics

Reduced downtime thanks to remote, live troubleshooting tools combined with networking experts

Enterprise-grade wireless network access that connects more users securely and offers flexibility

Wi-Fi 6 Certified models provide a seamless user experience, with faster connections and more coverage

RF optimization which enables high performance wireless in dense, demanding environments

Check Your Internet Speed

Test your connection with TPx’s internet speed test tool and get tips on how to improve your internet performance. 

Reliable Connectivity For Your Business

Your business needs internet connectivity you can count on with the technology to keep your business secure and running smoothly. Whether you need internet connectivity for one office or multi-locations, we have the right solutions for you.

TPx’s Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network establishes private communications between your locations without the need for special hardware or encryption. Using MPLS, TPx builds unique user groups to establish your private network. Your private data cannot be captured or viewed by anyone you don’t designate for inclusion in your user group. You have complete control, whether you’re tying together users in a single campus or using solutions to connect locations worldwide along with access options for remote users and locations.

Our customers depend on us to provide them with secure, reliable VPNs leveraging our MPLS network. With SD-WAN, you can expand your networking options with a hybrid private network by adding to or replacing expensive T1s with a low-cost, high-bandwidth Internet connection on your existing TPx MPLS network. The resulting solution enables superior customer engagement and end-user experience while removing geographic barriers coast-to-coast. What’s more, you’ll have the ideal foundation for future SD-WAN solutions as your needs and applications evolve.

Our Managed High Speed Internet Access service extends the reach of the TPx network, enabling us to deliver voice and data services to virtually any business location in the United States. By working with local telecom and cable providers on your behalf, we can provide bandwidths that range from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps and higher, with symmetrical and asymmetrical options available. Managed High Speed Internet Access includes our award-winning managed SD-WAN service, so you can say goodbye to poor Internet performance, inflexible static architecture and slow response times for critical apps.

Already have a broadband connection that works well for your business? No problem! With our managed SD-WAN service, you can get our services “over the top” of your existing circuit with enterprise-grade reliability. Our cutting-edge SD-WAN technology provides a secure connection that prioritizes voice over data – and since we manage the entire end-to-end delivery, we can deploy multiple continuity and security levels to guarantee performance.

Even locations that are difficult or cost-prohibitive to connect can still take advantage of our managed services. As part of our SD-WAN service, TPx offers 5G / 4G LTE connectivity that may be used as a standalone Internet access option or as an economical supplement to another circuit. Our Managed Services Router will remediate the 5G / 4G LTE connection for packet loss, jitter and latency.

A fast Internet connection that delivers a consistent and positive experience can provide a significant competitive advantage for your business. TPx’s Tier 1 IP network is built to deliver the fastest Internet speeds possible to support your business-critical applications. 

Mix and match any type of transport provided by TPx or your local Internet provider to ensure your communications are always up and running.  TPx offers a comprehensive suite of options, powered by our SD-WAN network, to ensure your business is always up and running.

We Keep Your Network Connected and Protected

TPx helps businesses navigate the complicated and evolving IT landscape. As a leading managed services provider, TPx simplifies business operations, optimizes networks, improves productivity, reduces costs and keeps IT environments secure for businesses nationwide. TPx offers a full suite of managed IT, secure network, unified communications and cybersecurity services to manage its customers’ complex IT needs and make IT easy. 

Managed Internet and Networking FAQ

Every business has unique communications requirements. What’s consistent is the need to connect customers, locations, suppliers and markets in an easily managed, reliable, and cost-effective network that is designed around your business growth strategy and not around a set of products. More options mean more opportunities to custom-tailor the solution that’s right for your business – and TPx gives them to you. TPx can bring the connectivity that’s right for your business and weave it into a comprehensive communications solution. Get connectivity, integrated network management and security and communication capabilities with real-time insights into your network and the power to control it from anywhere. That is the TPx value.
  • Two Circuits: In this setup, both connections are in active/active mode. That means that the managed services router decides, for each traffic session, which path is the best path in that moment. You do not need to feel like you are paying for bandwidth you aren’t using.
  • Three Circuits: For added peace of mind, you can utilize three circuits — all active or one in standby mode — for the ultimate measure of connection certainty.
  • 5G / 4G LTE Failover: The secondary mode 5G / 4G LTE circuit is active but sharing throughput with a primary wired circuit. In failover mode, the 5G / 4G LTE link is dormant until needed for automated failover of the primary circuit.

You have our commitment that we will work hard to exceed your expectations and do our utmost to ensure a well-managed and reliable access circuit is installed. While we are responsible for placing and managing the order, we cannot be successful without your support and input throughout the process.  For more details, please  Contact Sales.