Managed High Speed Internet

Secure and reliable Internet service nationwide, managed by TPx

With TPx’s Managed High Speed Internet Access service, you’ll securely and efficiently connect to any application with cost-effective Internet access powered by SD-WAN.

This turnkey managed Internet service extends the reach of the TPx network, enabling us to deliver voice and data services to virtually any business location in the United States. And with the addition of our award-winning managed SD-WAN service, you can say goodbye to poor Internet performance, inflexible static architecture and slow response times for critical apps.

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Features and Benefits

Advanced SD-WAN Technology

SD-WAN transforms your economical High Speed Internet Access bandwidth into a business-class WAN with powerful, secure, end-to-end management.

Many Transport Options

By working with local Internet service providers across the country on your behalf, we can provide bandwidths that range from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps and higher.

Supports Critical Applications

Managed High Speed Internet Access is designed to support your mission-critical cloud-based applications. It can also deliver any of TPx’s hosted and managed services.

Industry-Leading Quality

As the nation’s leading Managed Services Carrier, we provide prioritized quality that’s backed by our industry-leading Service Level Agreement.

Custom Solution

TPx will design and build a fully-managed, provider-agnostic network solution that meets your unique budgetary and technical requirements for each of your locations.

Single Source

Save yourself the headaches of managing vendors nationwide. With TPx you get one bill and one place to go for installation, monitoring, and repair.

Internet Failover

Mix and match any type of transport, provided by TPx or your local Internet or wireless provider, to securely and seamlessly fail over voice and data traffic. With two circuits, both connections are in active/active mode. That means that the Managed Services Router decides, for each traffic session, which path is the best path in that moment.

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Let TPx be your guide and expert resource for the managed connectivity solutions that will reshape your business.

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