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How to Stop Technology Tug-of-Wars with the Cloud

Balancing everyone’s needs and driving employee productivity is possible through cutting-edge cloud-based apps and services.

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TPx’s Unified Communications platform, UCx, will energize your team with interaction, collaboration, connection and enhanced productivity.


Screen Sharing with UCx

With UCx, you can share your desktop instantly and effortlessly. No more waiting for software to download or sessions to initialize.


Availability Status (Presence) with UCx

UCx, the award-winning unified communications service from TPx, gives you the tools you need to communicate quickly.


What is Microsoft Office 365 for Business

The Microsoft Office 365 platform offers customers a license-based subscription service to reliable Enterprise-class technology hosted and developed by Microsoft. Office 365 provi...


TPx Tough with Cybersecurity

With TPx Cybersecurity you have access to dedicated certified security analysts with deep security expertise. They include x-military, defense, and cyber security specialists with...


MSx Managed Firewalls

The technology landscape is constantly changing, and so too are the potential security threats against your business. It is critical that the gateways in and out of your network a...


Connect and Collaborate with UCx

UCx is built on the high-quality VoIP service that TPx is known for - but it's far more than a business phone system.