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Endpoint Security

MSx Managed Endpoints service ensures that your servers and workstations are healthy, perform optimally, and remain secure 24/7.

Minimize the risk of downtime and data loss from cyberattacks, system failures, and human error with our endpoint security service.

What is an Endpoint?

An endpoint is any device that is connected to your network that employees use to carry out their job functions. These include the web-facing servers that run the applications that power your business, as well as the desktop and mobile computers/devices that your employees use to do their jobs every day.

Why Do Endpoints Matter?

Endpoints represent key vulnerable points of entry for cybercriminals and they may be the weakest link in ​network security.​ Think of unprotected endpoints as wide-open doors and windows to your business. If they’re not secured and managed properly, bad actors can easily get in, installing malware, monitoring employee communications or snooping around the files on a computer. They can also pivot, get onto the network, and reach other corporate resources beyond the endpoint itself. The result? Security breaches, frequent system crashes and performance issues, lost productivity, frustrated employees and possibly even competitive harm or legal trouble.

What is Endpoint Security Used For?

Most companies today rely on traditional antivirus protection and a firewall for security. However, with cyber threats getting much more complex, this approach is simply no longer sufficient and effective to protect a business. Endpoint security is a more holistic (and effective) approach of protecting a business that combines preventative protection with continuous detection and response. It encompasses various services for network endpoints, depending on the provider and solution you choose. There are many “types” of endpoint security. It may include next-gen antivirus, patch management, DNS protection, endpoint detection and response, security awareness training and more.

Why Endpoint Security with TPx?

TPx cybersecurity professionals help secure your endpoints (computers, laptops, servers) 24/7/365. With managed detection and response, security awareness training, and DNS protection, they help you protect against cyber-threats, improve system reliability and performance, reduce downtime, increase employee productivity, and enforce corporate policy and compliance.

Combining sophisticated technology with our expert support personnel and security analysts, as well as proven support methodologies, MSx Managed Endpoints makes an enterprise-level service and endpoint security accessible for companies of all sizes.

Endpoint Security features:

Even proper patching and the right NGAV solution isn’t enough to protect businesses against today’s advanced cyberattacks. Our MDR service delivers added protection using sophisticated software that provides automatic threat detection and mitigation. Security Analysts will also monitor your endpoints 24×7 and provide advanced threat hunting and response.

We provide leading NGAV software and monitor and manage its status to ensure that it is installed and functioning as intended on all covered systems. We also help with running manual deep scans on-demand.

Urgent security patches for Microsoft Operating Systems, and select Microsoft and 3rd-party applications will be applied as needed outside of the normal patching schedule to address specific vulnerabilities.

Users are your last line of defense. The more they know, the less prone they are to fall victim to a phishing scam or other security incident. Our service includes monthly phishing simulations and Security Awareness Training courses with automated reporting to track your results.

We protect systems and users from malicious websites using leading DNS Protection software. Windows devices are protected both on the corporate network and while traveling. Network-based DNS protection covers BYOD, Guest Wireless, and non-Windows devices to deliver comprehensive DNS security and to reduce your risk of attack.

  • 24×7 monitoring and alerting
  • Proactive patch maintenance
  • Remote troubleshooting and repair
  • Hardware support
  • System lifecycle management
  • Comprehensive reporting

Why Trust TPx for your Endpoint Security?

Increased Security

Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and prevalent every day. Traditional security solutions are no longer effective at preventing todays advanced attacks. Proper security today requires a multi-layered, proactive approach that combines leading-edge technology, with expert security resources and a dedicated focus. TPx brings this comprehensive security approach to our managed endpoint solution.

Increased Security

Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and prevalent every day. Traditional security solutions are no longer effective at preventing todays advanced attacks. Proper security today requires a multi-layered, proactive approach that combines leading-edge technology, with expert security resources and a dedicated focus. TPx brings this comprehensive security approach to our managed endpoint solution.

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How Endpoint Security Works

By combining leading technology with expert resources, TPx delivers enterprise class Endpoint Security that benefits organizations of any size. TPx delpoys and manages advanced security technologies for Next Gen Antivirus, Endpoint Detection and Response, DNS protection and Security Awareness Training. All of these technologies are managed by our expert support team who will ensure that they are up to date and configured according to best practices. The TPx team monitors your endpoints 24/7/365 to ensure that your systems are healthy, secure, and performing optimally. Security alerts are prioritized and responded to quickly and TPx makes sure that systems are patched. Expert troubleshooting and repair of your endpoints is also included and security awareness training helps to reduce the risk of breaches caused by human error.

All of these services are available at one cost-effective monthly price. Endpoint Security from TPx allows you to focus on growing your business, with peace of mind that the doors and windows are locked.

Endpoint Security is Not an Antivirus

Many people mistakenly believe that endpoint security and an antivirus are the same thing. Endpoint security is a more comprehensive and advanced form of cybersecurity protection than antivirus software and thus more fit to protect a business from cyber threats. A signature-based (traditional) antivirus software can only find known malware and often lacks the power to combat today’s flood of evasive cyber threats. Many endpoint security solutions, including the one TPx offers, include a next-gen antivirus and managed detection and response in addition to many other advanced security features.

Endpoint Security vs. Network Security

Endpoint security focuses on securing endpoints (like laptops, desktop PCs, servers and more) while network security is focused on protecting the whole IT infrastructure. No network can be secure without endpoints being protected, so every business should start by focusing on security at the endpoints first.

Endpoint Security vs. a Firewall

A Firewall is a security device (can be hardware, software, or both) that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic and decides whether to allow or block specific traffic based on a defined set of security rules. A firewall acts as a barrier between one’s endpoint and another network such as the internet. However, having a firewall is not enough to protect a business as many of today’s cyber threats can easily bypass a firewall. With many employees working from home, much of the data traffic is not routed through the company’s main business network, resulting in insecure transmission of data and openness to possible infections. That is where endpoint security comes in.

Endpoint Management vs. Endpoint Security

Endpoint management is a broader concept that can include endpoint security. While the purpose of endpoint security is to keep the endpoints secure, the purpose of endpoint management is not only to keep the endpoints secure, but also performing optimally. As part of TPx’s endpoint management, we can help you with the system lifecycle management, remote troubleshooting and repair, hardware support (and more) in addition to the endpoint security services.

Implementing Endpoint Management to Your Business

Can I Handle Endpoint Management Myself?

TPx offers various levels of service to satisfy the needs of different customers. We can manage everything fully, let you co-manage it, or have you self-manage it.
While many companies would love to handle things in-house, this is really only feasible if you have the right tools for the job and an experienced and dedicated IT staff who have the know-how to cover all the bases. Those bases include making sure every single application and operating system is patched and updated; purchasing and maintaining the latest endpoint security software – including next gen antivirus, endpoint detection and response, and DNS protection; monitoring and responding to security threats quickly and efficiently any time of day or night; requiring strong passwords; and implementing employee education around things like phishing threats. It’s often far too complex and expensive for small business owners to effectively implement and manage all of this internally.

How to Choose an Endpoint Management Provider

There are two major components to consider – the technology and the people behind it. TPx only works with market-leading technology and employs certified experts who focus just on this aspect of IT, day in and day out. You also want to have help available 24/7/365, because the disasters always like to happen during least convenient times like the weekends and Holidays. Other important considerations include the cost, the speed of deployment, and the quality of support.

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