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Endpoint Management

Endpoint Management is a critical but often overlooked link in network security, since endpoints represent key vulnerable points of entry for cybercriminals. Servers and workstations are complex machines that require consistent maintenance and repair to keep them performing well and to extend their life as a useful tool.

Keep Servers and Workstations Healthy
with Endpoint Management

It’s a challenge for many businesses to manage endpoints effectively due to limited tools and budget as well as talent shortage. Keep systems healthy, stable, and performing optimally to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, minimize downtime, and increase employee productivity and morale.

Reduce Costs

Improve Service Levels

Minimize Downtime

Easy Endpoint Management with TPx

TPx experts act as an extension of your team. Paired with leading remote monitoring and management tools, TPx delivers an unmatched support experience for endpoint management customers. Our team ensures your endpoints are running properly with:

Monitoring, Alerting, and Reporting

Automated monitoring, alerting, and scheduled reports provide data on device availability, health and performance, and inventory. Depending on the service level package, alerts can be actionable by either TPx or the customer.

Remote System Support

24/7 troubleshooting, repair of covered devices, and proactive support for customer requests or identified alerts are all included in TPx’s endpoint management service. Remote system support addresses issues with hardware, device drivers, operating systems, and select third-party applications.

System Patching

Managed, automated patching of operating systems and select third-party applications keep your technologies running smoothly. Operational and security patches are remotely applied and monitored with reporting available.

Lifecycle Management

End-of-life status management includes notifications for hardware warranty expiration and manufacturer end-of-support status for operating systems and other applications. Post-warranty hardware support packages are available at an additional cost.

Set your Business up for
Success with Endpoint Management

We can help you leverage cost-effective and scalable support, allowing you to apply the right skillsets at the right time. Because we manage to a specific service level, not a staffing level, we can efficiently handle any volume of work 24/7/365. You’ll also gain rich insights into your servers and workstations with a comprehensive dashboard and reporting to ensure your endpoints are healthy and operating at peak performance.

What is Endpoint Management and How Does it Work?

Endpoint management provides businesses with comprehensive visibility and control over the health and performance of covered systems using advanced remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools. TPx’s solution is backed by a well-trained team, available 24/7/365, who deliver efficient remote support and exceptional customer service.

Do More with Your Endpoints

Endpoint Management is an integral part of TPx’s security services portfolio for protecting endpoints and users from ransomware and other cyberattacks. Bundling multiple services can increase your overall value and improve your organization’s security.

Endpoint Security

Defend your endpoints from cyberattacks anytime, anywhere with Managed Detection and Response and DNS Protection.  

User Security

Empower your employees to be part of your security solution with Security Awareness Training and Managed Inbox Detection and Response.

Managed IT is Tough. TPx Can Help.

IT doesn’t have to be hard. With skilled experts and 24/7 support, TPx is here to make IT easy. See what else TPx
can help you with and reach out to our experts.

Managed Endpoint FAQs

It keeps systems healthy, secure, and performing optimally and helps ensure your workstations and servers are running properly with monitoring and alerting, proactive maintenance, reactive support, and security.

Endpoint management is a broader concept that can include endpoint security. While the purpose of endpoint security is to keep the endpoints secure, the purpose of endpoint management is not only to keep the endpoints secure, but also performing optimally. As part of TPx’s endpoint management, we can help you with remote troubleshooting and repair, patching, hardware support, and system lifecycle management, and more in addition to the endpoint security services

TPx offers both managed and co-managed solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers. While many companies would love to handle things in-house, this is really only feasible if you have the right tools for the job, an experienced IT staff, and focused attention to support. IT can be difficult and costly for many organizations to deliver effective service 24/7/365. Partnering with TPx can help you achieve unmatched service levels at a fraction of the cost of doing it entirely in-house.

There are two major components to consider when choosing a provider – the technology and the people behind it. TPx only works with market-leading technology and employs certified experts who focus just on this aspect of IT, day in and day out. You also want to have help available 24/7/365, because the disasters always like to happen during least convenient times like the weekends and Holidays. Other important considerations include the cost, the speed of deployment, and the quality of support.

Reduce Costs

Research shows that a computer’s purchase price is just 20% of its Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Organizations can reduce this TCO by 42% through effective endpoint management. (Gartner)

Keep Pace

Technology moves quickly. Ensuring that your key systems are updated, healthy, stable, and operating efficiently will helps drive more value in your business.

Improve Productivity 

Slow and unreliable systems performance leads to downtime and impacts productivity. Endpoint solutions keep systems operating at peak performance.

Save Time 

Automation, monitoring, alerting, patching can help free up your in-house resources and staff to work on other projects.