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Managed Network Services

Boost your network with TPX’s top-quality Managed Network Services – faster, smarter, and worry-free.

Manage Your Business. We’ll Manage Your Network.

Businesses often face challenges in managing network operations and security due to limited resources, time, and expertise. Partner with TPx for seamless Managed Network Services, combining human expertise with cutting-edge technology to ensure an optimized and secure user experience.

Increased performance and productivity

Security and

Reduce IT

Simplified management
and billing

Expert network specialists

Customize Your Network Infrastructure
to Fit Your Business Needs

Craft a tailored network strategy to meet your business needs, integrating robust WiFi, advanced switches, SD-WAN, and firewall protection for optimal connectivity and security.


Connect with everyone through our reliable and cost-effective network solutions.


Seamless enterprise connectivity with cutting-edge SD-WAN solutions


Maximize internet performance and cybersecurity with firewall solutions


Facilitate ethernet device communication, controlling traffic and access within LANs

Benefits of TPx Managed Network Services

TPx Managed Networks offer businesses a dependable, secure, and high-performing network managed by our team of IT experts. With decades of industry experience, we’ll seamlessly manage your network infrastructure, ensuring reliability and performance, providing you with peace of mind.

Increased performance and productivity

A high-performance network helps ensure everyday operations run with better speed and efficiency. Greater network uptime with prioritized traffic and reduced IT costs can make a big impact in your bottom line. A high-performance network allows employees to be more productive and can spend more time on strategic business goals.

Managed network services simplified management and billing

Security and compliance

Our networking experts provide a securely designed and configured network, making your business less prone to cyberattacks. TPx adheres to industry compliance standards and best security practices, which further protects your business from cyberthreats.

Peace of mind and always-on — 24/7/365

A network slowdown or outage can stop a business in its tracks and cost a lot of money in lost productivity. TPx provides the ultimate peace of mind by monitoring your network equipment 24/7/365 to make sure it is running properly. Our experienced network professionals troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly, even overnight, to ensure your network is performing at its most optimal level.

Managed network services peace of mind 24/7

Reduced IT costs

Having a dedicated in-house team to manage your network can be expensive, especially when you consider the time and effort it takes to find IT professionals that you have to continuously invest in so that they stay current on the latest technologies — only to have them leave. TPx augments your existing IT staff for a fraction of the cost and frees them up to focus on revenue-generating projects instead.

Simplified management and billing

Managing multiple vendors and bills across multiple sites, multiple ISPs and multiple devices can become a headache and waste precious time. TPx makes it easy and handles all billing and management with a single phone call or email and a single bill. Replace that costly legacy MPLS network with secure networking devices managed by TPx.

Expert network specialists

Finding and hiring a staff of trained and certified network specialists is a challenge for businesses. Because of this, IT staff is often asked to perform a variety of functions from desktop support to network security, which doesn’t allow them to focus on any one area. Our Managed Service team is made up of experts in all areas that we support so we can provide the in-depth attention your network systems require.

Managed network services expert specialists

Unlocking the Benefits of Managed Network Services with TPx Business Internet Solutions

The more of your network we manage, the more holistically we can provide support.
Five reasons you need TPx for Internet.

Simplified decision-making to help you navigate the landscape of 3,000 Internet Service Providers (ISP) in the US. TPx takes the complexity out of the equation with our curated network of strategic partners.
Enhanced business continuity with technology solutions that minimize disruptions, providing peace of mind for your business.
Top-tier networking outcomes that go beyond what is directly available from carriers. TPx expertise extends to sourcing diverse, multi-circuit, multi-network, and multi-tech type solutions, offering business continuity.
Project management from experts who know how to manage carriers.
Powerful, tailored networking solutions leveraging the top internet options in your market. TPx provides expert assistance sizing and selecting the best connectivity options for your specific needs.

Grow Your Business. Optimize Your Infrastructure.

TPx specializes in Managed Network Services, handling all aspects of IT infrastructure management and optimization. From performance monitoring to security implementation, we ensure seamless connectivity, allowing businesses to focus on core operations while enhancing network reliability and efficiency.

Experience 24/7 Peace of Mind with Managed Network Services from TPx

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Managed Service Networks Frequently Asked Questions

Businesses need reliable and powerful networks that boost business performance and provide essential security for the entire organization. However, many businesses struggle with network management and security due to lack of time, resources, expertise and training. Managed network services are IT services provided by a third-party for managing the infrastructure, software and technical support required to operate your company’s  network.

Anywhere in the United States.

Any transport will work, we offer the flexibility to leverage any available internet transport options across all service providers (EoX, Fixed Wireless, TDM, DSL/cable, and 5G / 4G LTE).
SD-WAN and Firewall 
  • Auto VPN/SD-WAN
  • Site-to-
  • Site Tunnels
  • Remote SSL VPN
  • Bandwidth aggregation
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware
Why you need it: Combat emerging cyber-threats, get network performance and visibility that out-of-date firewalls and expensive MPLS networks struggle to provide.

Managed Switches
  • Layer 7 Visibility
  • Standard QoS
  • Cable Test
  • Remote Packet Capture
  • DHCP Server
  • Port Isolation & Security
  • Stacking
  • Modular Power
  • Layer 3 Switching
  Why you need it:  Managed switches provide businesses with the flexibility, security, and control needed to effectively manage and optimize their network infrastructure, making them a crucial component of modern IT environments.

Managed Access Points
  • ​​Web Content Filtering
  • Schedules
  • Per-User Traffic Shaping
  • Wireless Intrusion Prevention
  • Interference Detection
  • Multi-SSID
  Why you need it:  Managed access points provide businesses with centralized management, enhanced security, better performance, and improved scalability compared to unmanaged access points, making them a critical component of modern wireless network infrastructures.

We offer multiple service levels. You simply choose the level of support that fits your needs. You can leverage full optimum support where we handle everything or core support where TPx configures, deploys, and licenses the solution and you manage it and call us if you need help.

TPx employs several strategies to achieve faster installations for its managed network services. In addition to boasting 30% higher installation speeds across carriers, TPx provides enhanced exception-handling capabilities. This enables effective remediation of complex orders, reducing the likelihood of circuit failures. As a result, TPx customers experience streamlined deployment processes and minimized disruptions, ensuring a smoother transition to their managed network services.
TPx enhances service through multi-vendor onboarding and nationwide coverage, providing customers with better choices. Moreover, TPx prioritizes proactive service, bolstering monitoring and alerting systems, and improving repair processes to expedite carrier response times during service interruptions.