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Managed Networks

With Cisco Meraki, MSx Managed Networks combines today’s most powerful technology with top industry talent to provide a complete end-to-end management of your network.

Reliable, high-performing, modern networks managed 24/7 by the experts

Many businesses struggle with network management and security due to lack of time, resources, expertise, and training. TPx can complement your team and deliver end-to-end management of your network infrastructure, helping you increase productivity, lower costs, and remove the complexity of managing your network. From wireless LAN and network switching to cloud-managed security, we have you covered.

Upgrade to next-gen Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6 technology provides higher data throughput, wider coverage range, increased reliability and longer battery life for wireless devices. 

Managed by the experts at TPx, it helps your business increase productivity by allowing your employees to work more freely and on more devices with an added overlay of security and control.

Managed Wi-Fi 6 Service

What can we help you with?


Out-of-date routers, firewalls and expensive legacy MPLS networks can hold back businesses by driving up costs, limiting performance and exposing your network to advanced threats. New software-defined networks (SD-WAN) along with next generation firewalls (NGFW) with advanced security features can combat today’s newest threats and provide cost savings by replacing old technologies and providing network visibility and control like never before.

Network Switches

Legacy network switches are often outdated and lack the speed today’s businesses need. TPx can help your business with the latest switch technologies, which have advanced troubleshooting and reporting capabilities along with redundant power and stackable features, giving your business the fastest and most reliable network possible and boosting your productivity.

Wireless LAN

With the exponential increase in wireless devices, legacy Wi-Fi networks are struggling to keep pace.  A new or updated managed wireless LAN solution from TPx can help increase productivity by allowing your employees to work more freely and on more devices while providing security and control.

Managed Networks features:

  • 24/7 Monitoring and Alerting
  • Troubleshooting
  • Configuration Deployment/Management
  • Backups/Disaster Recovery
  • Firmware Upgrades
  • Hardware Assistance
  • Licensing/Inventory
  • Certified Vendor Expertise from market-leading hardware partners

We're here to help.

Get a customized Managed Networks service for a monthly flat fee that suits your needs.

Managed Networks Benefits

Why TPx?

  • We provide a cost-effective, enterprise-grade service
  • Our experts become your team members
  • Superior US-based support in multiple support centers available 24/7
  • Extensive experience — TPx brings its carrier network DNA to your local network
  • Multiple service levels: Every service is customized for the needs of our customers
  • Easily turn-on a new service
  • Use our superior network or go over the top of any carrier — all with guaranteed performance since we can manage the delivery
  • One-stop shop for everything your business needs from internet connectivity to UCaaS to management of all your IT resources

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