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Put Your Internet Connection To The Test

How fast is your internet?

Understanding Your Internet Speed Test Results

Download and Upload Speeds

Measures the capacity of your connection. Upload and Download Speeds are shown in megabits per second (Mbps).


Measures the round-trip time for reaching a TPx server. Ping is shown in milliseconds (ms).

Network Jitter

Measures delays in audio or video if it’s too high. Network Jitter is shown in milliseconds (ms).

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you select Go, the Bandwidth Speed Test will begin and will automatically connect to the closest TPx test server. The Bandwidth Speed Test will measure ping, network jitter, download and upload speeds to provide insights into how fast or slow your internet is.

The Bandwidth Speed Test will connect to one of the TPx test servers located throughout the country. It will automatically select the server that’s closest to you, but you can select a different server if you prefer.

TPx offers several internet and networking services to maximize your bandwidth and increase your internet speeds. Contact Sales and speak with a representatives about how we can help.