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Bandwidth Speed Test

Put your Internet connection to the test!

Internet bandwidth is the transmission speed or throughput of your connection to the Internet. Accurately measuring this bandwidth can be tricky, since the Internet changes from one moment to the next in ways that are impossible to predict.

A Bandwidth Speed Test, like the one below, is a great place to start. This test will measure:

  • Ping, which is the round-trip time for reaching a TPx server
  • Network jitter, which can cause delays in audio or video if it’s too high
  • Download and upload speeds (Mbps), which measure the capacity of your connection

The Bandwidth Speed Test will connect to one of the TPx test servers located throughout the country. It will automatically select the server that’s closest to you, but you can select a different server if you prefer.

Bandwidth Speed Test

This test will connect to a TPx server to measure ping, jitter, and bandwidth speeds.

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