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Managed Firewalls That Protect Your Network

TPx’s Managed Firewalls service go beyond the traditional constructs of a firewall – we deliver secure access, visibility, and control so that your business can benefit from greater cybersecurity and productivity.

Strengthen Your Defense Against Cyberattacks with Managed Firewalls

A properly managed firewall is the first line of defense against internet-based threats. Having a firewall alone isn’t enough – you need a next-generation firewall that is correctly configured and installed. By working with a managed firewall service provider, you have access to certified security analysts that will expertly configure, deploy, monitor, and manage your firewall, ensuring the security you need.

Leading Firewall Technology

24/7 Monitoring and Support

Affordable Firewall Management

TPx’s Managed Firewall Service Helps
Keep Your Business Secure

Stop cyber criminals in their tracks with our Managed Firewall service. Your firewall will be remotely monitored 24/7 in our Security Operations Center (SOC) by certified analysts who thoroughly validate every security event. When you choose TPx for Managed Firewalls, you get a dedicated team knowledgeable in cybersecurity paired with industry-leading technology to keep your network secure.

Network Intrusion Detection/Prevention

TPx’s Managed Firewall solution features both Intrusion Detection (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention (IPS) systems, which work in tandem to detect and block known threats. IDS proactively protects you from cyber threats, such as malware, viruses, and zero-day attacks by sending alerts of suspicious activity. If malicious activity is detected, then IPS blocks those packets.

Gateway Anti-Virus

Hackers often attach malicious code to high-traffic websites, so when an unsuspecting visitor clicks on this site, a virus, worm, or other malicious code downloads to the machine. TPx’s Managed Firewall leverages gateway anti-virus to thwart these attacks. The anti-virus checks all HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, and FTP traffic for malicious code embedded within the traffic and blocks access to infected sites.

Web Content Filtering

TPx’s firewall management services help you know what is happening on your network from the top applications running and the top websites being visited down to which users are on the VPN. Our web content filtering helps you go one step further to implement company policies associated with preventing unauthorized browsing on your corporate network.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Threats are inevitable so quick response times matter. Managed Detection and Response (MDR) augments existing firewall controls with dedicated security analysts who combine context, deep security understanding, and expertise with advanced technology to detect the threats others miss and orchestrate a rapid, coordinated, and effective response to threats.

Learn how our managed firewall service combined with Fortinet’s integrated SD-WAN makes enterprise-grade networking and cybersecurity services accessible to all.

What Customers Are Saying
About Managed Firewalls from TPx

“Our IT department is a two-man team. Having partners that we can rely on makes the job attainable. Our biggest partner is TPx, they provide our voice and data infrastructure and now our firewall. It is a big requirement that our firewall and network is being watched by somebody. It is a great feeling that someone is on top of that.” -Jonas Veneracion, IT Manager, Seafood City

How Our Managed Firewall Solution Can Help You

Enhance Security and Performance

Block unauthorized access, stop malicious traffic, and optimize your network.

Minimize Downtime

Limit downtime due to network outages or crippling cyberattacks

Comply with Industry Standards

Meet industry regulations with our HIPAA and PCI-compliant Managed Firewall services.

Improve Visibility and Control

Know what is happening on your network and control it to maximize your productivity.

Reduce Costs

Get enterprise-grade network security for a fraction of the cost of a security analyst.

Comply with Industry Standards

Meet industry regulations with our HIPAA and PCI-compliant Managed Firewall services.

Do You Know How Secure Your Network Is?

Get in in-depth view of the current state of your network with our free Network Security Evaluation (NSE).

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6 Firewall Misconfigurations to Avoid

Firewalls need to be properly maintained and configured to keep networks secure. Learn these misconfigurations to avoid.

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Protect Your Network Effectively for Less
with Managed Firewalls from TPx

Monitoring your network in-house can consume significant time, resources, and money. TPx’s Managed Firewall service provides enterprise-grade protection for a fraction of the cost of hiring a single security analyst in-house. Our team is at your disposal 24/7/365 and can help keep your network secure by handling the administration, operation, monitoring, and maintenance of your firewall.

Managed Firewalls FAQs

A firewall is your first line of defense. It is a network security device that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic and decides whether to allow or block specific traffic based on predefined security policies and rules. This can include restricting access to specific applications or websites, blocking malicious traffic, and preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data. To learn more about how a managed firewall works, watch this video.
Yes, it definitely does. With cyber threats increasing in sophistication, a firewall is a critical component of any comprehensive network security strategy. A firewall helps protect your company from a broad range of potential cyber threats, including viruses, malware, and unauthorized access. By filtering network traffic based on predefined security policies, a firewall can help ensure that only legitimate traffic is allowed into your network, reducing the risk of a successful cyberattack.
Configuring the firewall means setting up rules and policies to control access to the network, as well as configuring settings such as logging and reporting. Once the firewall is deployed and configured, it must be monitored and managed to ensure that it is operating effectively and that any potential cyber threats are detected and addressed. Since it can be time-consuming and complicated, many businesses opt for a managed firewall service. With a managed firewall service, a managed firewall service provider takes care of everything, from deployment to proper configuration to ongoing management around the clock.
Next-generation firewalls are more sophisticated than traditional firewalls, giving businesses a range of features that are essential for modern cybersecurity. Next-generation firewalls use advanced technology such as deep packet inspection, intrusion prevention, and application awareness to provide greater visibility and control over network traffic. As a result, next-generation firewalls are able to identify and block potential threats more effectively than traditional firewalls, reducing the risk of cyberattacks and data breaches. Understand what a next-generation firewall is and what role it plays in your cybersecurity by watching this short two-minute video.
TPx’s Managed Firewalls Service leverages Fortinet’s FortiGate. We combine Fortinet’s leading Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) with our seasoned and certified experts to deliver a truly integrated network and cybersecurity solution. Learn more about TPx’s partnership with Fortinet in this datasheet.
Yes – would be happy to set up a demo of the solution. You can also view tools and features within the user interface by watching the Fortinet WebGUI Tutorial Videos.
While in-house solutions take years and thousands of dollars to develop to full maturity, our complete managed firewalls service can be deployed quickly and provide immediate value to your business.