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Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Strong defense against cyber threats doesn’t have to be difficult or pricey. Managed Detection and Response (MDR) from TPx helps you discover, prevent, and recover from cyber threats faster.

What Is It?

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) with TPx delivers efficient, proactive, and cost-effective protection against cyber threats 24/7/365. MDR combines advanced technology, expert human analysis, and rapid incident response to detect, analyze, and remediate threats comprehensively. Traditional security measures like antivirus software are insufficient against today’s sophisticated threats, highlighting the importance of MDR for robust cybersecurity.

With TPx, you benefit from the integration of cutting-edge technology with skilled professionals, ensuring seamless monitoring, detection, and response to threats. Managed Detection and Response from TPx enables your organization to stay ahead of evolving threats while providing an exceptional user experience for both end-users and administrators.

How It Works

MDR from TPx offers users a faster and easier way to handle suspicious emails. With a simple click within their Microsoft Outlook client, users can report questionable messages directly. Once reported, emails are swiftly removed from the user’s mailbox and placed in an IDR quarantine for evaluation. TPx’s team of expert Security Analysts, combined with advanced software, monitors and evaluates reported emails 24/7/365. Safe emails are promptly returned to the user, while malicious ones are automatically removed from the customer’s domain, safeguarding other recipients from potential threats.

The Benefits

Efficient reporting of suspicious emails: Users can easily report suspicious emails with a single click using the GoSecure button in their Microsoft Outlook Ribbon.

Quick validation of reported emails: TPx’s MDR service monitors and evaluates reported emails for safety 24/7/365 using advanced technology and human security experts. Outsourcing the analysis of reported emails streamlines the process and relieves the burden from the customer’s internal team.
Identification and removal of malicious emails: Reported malicious emails are automatically removed from the company’s domain, benefiting all users who received the same email. This proactive approach ensures swift action against potential threats, minimizing the risk of cyberattacks spreading within the organization.
Enhanced phishing detection: TPx’s Managed Inbox Detection and Response leverages GoSecure’s leading security technology to scan and evaluate reported emails. If an email cannot be classified as safe or malicious, GoSecure’s Active Response Center personnel provide continued threat analysis.
Exceptional user experience: Reporting suspicious emails is simple and efficient, with a single click button in the Outlook Ribbon. Users receive clear status updates, regardless of the email’s classification, ensuring transparency and peace of mind. Email evaluation is quick, and administrative users have complete visibility into reported emails and key statistics. This exceptional user experience extends to both end-users and administrators, enhancing overall satisfaction with the security solution.
Cost-effective security: TPx delivers Managed Inbox Detection and Response for a low fixed price per user mailbox, which includes technology, analysis services, and technical support. This fixed price offering is significantly more cost-effective than in-house or third-party solutions, providing comprehensive security at a fraction of the cost.

Why Do You Need It?

Identify more threats: Antivirus solutions miss an average of 60% of attacks.1 MDR significantly increases the number and type of attacks that are detected and stopped.
Reduce attack dwell time: The average time to identify and contain a breach (its dwell time or “lifecycle”) is 280 days, according to a 2020 study.2 The lifecycle of a breach factors heavily into the overall cost. MDR reduces this time exponentially which limits the impact of any attacks.
Proactively mitigate attacks: MDR uses a proactive approach to more quickly mitigate attacks so they can’t spread across your network and cause additional damage.

Why TPx?

Leading technology: Best-in-class detection and response technology delivers powerful visibility, detection, alerting, and mitigation of cyberattacks.
Advanced threat hunting: Dedicated Security Operations Center staff work 24/7 to quickly identify advanced threats that evade existing security solutions and provides expert analysis on attack details and mitigation activity.

Fully managed: Having the right software is not enough. You also need the right team to deliver a turnkey solution that leaves you free to run your business.

Available TPx MDR Services

At TPx, we specialize in providing IT management and security services that provide customers with multiple opportunities to prevent and recover from cyberattacks like ransomware.

Firewall MDR

Our cybersecurity experts manage and monitor your firewall, so that when threats are found, they immediately take action to help ensure your business is protected.

Endpoint MDR

Protects individual servers and workstations against advanced threats anytime, anywhere.

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