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Empower your team with Unified Communications

UCx with Webex is the unified communications solution that enables your employees to collaborate effectively from anywhere. Boost your productivity with a UCaaS platform designed for the way you work.


The Unified Communications Experience You've Been Waiting For

Say goodbye to using multiple calling, messaging, meeting, video and other business applications, and say hello to
unified communications and collaboration with UCx with Cisco Webex.

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Why Choose TPx for Your Unified Communication Needs?

UCx with Webex transforms the way employees work with a single, simple to use communication and collaboration app for calling, messaging and meeting with anyone, anywhere on any device. It includes secure HD video, messaging, file sharing, whiteboarding built-in call control functionality and more.

Minimal Capital Expense

The appeal of cloud solutions is there are no large up front costs. While many businesses still purchase physical phones, there are no other capital expenditures. UCx with Webex is a cloud calling and collaboration solution offered as an affordable monthly service. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day, each of your employees can connect to a host of capabilities that will dramatically improve their productivity. This is a great benefit to all businesses but especially for small to medium businesses.

UCaaS minimal capital expense

Lower Cost of Ownership

Business is more unpredictable than ever. Ideally, you’d be able to secure the most advanced technologies without having to spend significant money upfront on hardware. With UCx with Webex, you save from day one on your monthly communications service fees. There are no expensive boxes or systems required and you can even go without handsets and use the UC client as a softphone. No longer manage phone and data lines or worry about the high price associated with them.

Minimal IT Support Required

Unlike the complex traditional phone systems that sit in a closet and are maintained by your employees, UCx with Webex is managed and supported by TPx experts. Your IT staff won’t have to train on how to add, delete or enable additional features for users.
UCaaS minimal IT support
UCaaS calling

Mobility and Business Continuity

UCx with Webex works seamlessly on a mobile device, allowing customers to connect with your business while employees can work from anywhere.  Since no physical box resides on your premises— it resides in redundant and secure data centers — your business can connect with customers even in the event of a power failure or natural disaster.

More Functionality in a Single Application

UCx with Webex has the functionality your team needs within a single application. Typically, the average Software-as-a Service (SaaS) enabled worker uses 34 apps. Even if you’re jaded about technology and juggling multiple providers, once you experience the advanced features and functionality that are available from UCx, you’ll be impressed by the impact it can have on your business.

UCaaS meetings

Top Companies Rely on TPx for Their Communications and Collaborations Solutions

“Our voice communications services and infrastructure is critically important to our daily operations. We’ve been very impressed with TPx and are confident in their services to deliver world-class experiences to our customers and guests.”

-Michael Israel, VP of Information Technology, Kraft Group

UCx with Webex: A Great Solution for Every Business,
No Matter Size

How many apps do you have for video, phone calling, call center, messaging, and meetings? Now you can get them all in one app. One platform means fewer headaches and less money.

UCx with Webex includes native video and voice calling and extensive calling features and call control within a single collaboration app. You can make or receive calls from anywhere with VoIP calling via desk phone or mobile. We back all of this up with an industry-best 100% voice network uptime guarantee.

Since UCx with Webex Webex integrates many powerful features into a single application, your teams can collaborate with others internally and externally faster and easier than ever before.

UCx with Webex keeps your meetings and conversations secure with enterprise-grade safety, including end-to- end encryption, built into everything you do. UCx has achieved HIPAA compliance and we’ll sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for you.

UCx with Webex plays well with others. There are plenty of pre-built integrations available for third-party applications from Google, Salesforce, Microsoft and more. You can even find and implement bots that will help enhance your conferencing and workflow experiences.

The distributed nature of UCx with Webex means that your infrastructure will still be available in the event of a power outage, storm, fire, or other disaster. Because UCx resides on the TPx network and not on your premises, it’s easy to redirect calls to an alternate location or device if you can no longer take calls at your primary location.

High-quality video meetings, annotation-rich screen sharing, and whiteboarding are all available to access from any device with UCx. Anyone can start a conference and access in-meeting tools like the ability to add guests or record conversations. There’s also the option to save all your files and whiteboards for viewing later. You can even work offline.

An easy evolution to cutting-edge communication and collaboration services. Because UCx is a hosted service, you’ll always have immediate access to new features and updates as soon as they become available, without having to do anything.

Why Choose TPx?

Managed IT Service

Enhance your IT support for security, performance and peace of mind. MSx Managed IT Services give you the support you need for your critical IT systems, including managed security, networks and backups, without the cost and hassle of doing it in-house.

Managed Connectivity

Can your Internet connection support HD voice and video without sacrificing quality or reliability? The answer is a resounding yes when you’re a TPx customer. TPx offers multiple connectivity options to help you find your ideal combination of speed, flexibility and cost to meet your internet needs.

Customized Planning and Implementation

We have the tools and support to deliver professional services including Solutions Architects for customized planning, a dedicated project manager assigned to you and training resources to get you and your team up and running and collaborating.

Experience and Support

TPx is the nation’s leading managed services provider with over two decades managing networks. We offer superb reliability, back by a 100% SLA and 24/7/365 access to experienced support professionals.

Seamlessly Integrate UCx and Your Customer Data.

We have over 20 top CRM and 200 application integrations available. Take advantage of our powerful connection to leading technology platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk, Quickbooks and more.

Choosing a Secure UCaaS Solution

Unfortunately, the digitally connected workplace is also under constant attack. Its data is a target for cyber thieves, cyber mischief-makers and cyber extortionists. At the intersection of UCaaS solutions, the collaboration lifecycle and cybersecurity solutions are gaps that hackers can exploit. Even smart companies can purchase collaboration solutions that offer limited security and in doing so, merely check a box off a list of priorities — not realizing that the level of protection they are settling for leaves them exposed to threats. Here is what you need to ensure complete security:

True End-to-End Encryption

Even with encryption “in transit” and “at rest”, servers can still access unencrypted content — meaning customers are still vulnerable to breaches of their collaboration service provider. True end-to-end encryption keeps data safe when it is "in use" as well as when it is "at rest" and "in transit". With E2E security, data is encrypted ‘in use’, meaning all customer data transmitted through the UCaaS provider is encrypted before being sent, so that components only handle customer data in a safe, encrypted form.

SDK Integration with Other Solutions

Seamlessly combining security functionality with leading providers adds strength to strength. When developers use the provider SDK, the SDK will handle all the work of integrating with the E2E encryption system. Customers that use SDK-based bots and integrations need to make sure that the code for the bots/integrations runs in a secure context, but they don’t need to worry about the provider application having access to any keys or content.

Administrative Control

A collaboration service is only as strong as the security options given to those hosting it. Choose a provider who offers a central interface to manage your organization and users, assign services, view quality of service, capacity and performance analytics, and more. A centralized control panel, you can set up a customer administrator with different privilege levels. They can be full administrators, support administrators, user and device administrators, device administrators, read-only administrators or compliance officers.

Device Management

Whether corporate-owned or BYOD, vulnerable access points need special attention. To keep sensitive information shared through provider applications safe from attack, administrators need to have several ways to assure the safety of their clients and themselves. Administrators should be able to: secure mobile devices with a PIN, remotely wipe application content in the event a device is lost or stolen, automatically log out after a period of inactivity and prohibit file uploads or downloads from certain role-based types of client.

General Unified Communications FAQ

Unified Communications refers to a system that allows companies to access all of their communication devices, such as phone or video calls, messaging, call centers and more through one platform, reducing costs and headaches!

UC&C stands for Unified Communications & Collaboration, and allows for more interaction between users such as screen sharing, file sharing and calendar sharing. 

UCaaS stands for Unified Communications as a Service and is a service provider of UC – delivering software products through the web. UCaaS gives companies the power to select the right communications tool for every situation. By uniting voice, video, messaging, and collaboration “in the cloud,” businesses have the flexibility to stay connected from any device.

While the benefits vary, they almost always include increased flexibility and productivity, reduced costs and the ability to collaborate effectively. Unified communications makes businesses of any size more productive; however, it is especially beneficial to smaller companies as it allows them to use features that make them appear larger and more competitive.

Unified communications works by streamlining all the different elements of how a business (and the different departments within) communicate both externally and internally. This typically involves redirecting emails and data to your mobile device if you are out of the office, or enabling you to start a video conference on a traditional land-line based call or your personal computer. Many UCaaS providers also offer PBX replacement features such as auto attendants, hunt groups, call centers, call routing, virtual numbers, corporate directory, and customized extension numbers.

Unified Communications as a Service has two primary architectures. Single-tenancy gives each customer their own enterprise and tends to be a little more expensive. Whereas multi-tenancy will have many customers sharing a single software platform.

There is also a third architecture type called Hybrid-tenancy. It is a combination of both single-tenancy and multi-tenancy and is used to optimize the balance of performance, scale and security.

Hosted UC improves your productivity by providing a full range of advanced features and functionality, combined with the benefits of outsourcing the management of your communications system. And it does all of this at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent premises based UC system.

UCx with Webex FAQ

  • Collaboration: Enhanced team collaboration tools enable everyone to see and share all the information they need to work together productively.
  • Messaging: Exchange secure messages and share files with individuals and groups, inside or outside your organization.
  • Meetings: Host large and small meetings from anywhere, with audio, video and screen sharing.
  • Enterprise VoIP: Make, receive and manage calls on any device, anywhere.
We know one size does not fit all. With five UCx seat options, enjoy the choice of a mix of user configurations tailored to the unique needs of each employee, while improving overall product adoption and managing costs. For more information, please download our datasheet.
Collaboration, messaging, meetings and enterprise VoIP.  For details on what each of these features entails, please download our datasheet.
Unified Communications - Experience the Difference