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Our Eleven Favorite Features of UCx With Webex

Unified communications solutions are skyrocketing as one of the most valuable tools for businesses today, and for good reason. Having a single application for calls, meetings, messages, and collaboration can improve communications across your organization so you can realize greater productivity.

But not all unified communications solutions are created equal. Having a feature-rich solution is critical to providing your employees greater flexibility and options. UCx with Webex provides a secure place to call, meet, message, and more. It utilizes built-in high-definition voice and video calling, offers meetings, and features messaging, file sharing, and on-click calling for people inside and outside your organization.

Once you get familiar with UCx with Webex, you’ll wonder how you lived without it. The features are endless, but some of our favorites include the following:

1. Gesture Recognition

Sometimes it’s hard to read emotions with a large virtual crowd. Instead of waiting for your turn or expressing your feelings by talking over other speakers, use emojis and reactions to show and celebrate your emotions. With gesture recognition, you can turn on the AI-powered tool so that the meeting auto-recognizes specific gestures and displays them during the meeting.

2. Breakout Sessions

While large meetings are great to bring everyone together, you sometimes need a smaller sync-up to have meaningful conversations. Breakout sessions help you get the best of both worlds. You can start your meeting off in a large group setting and then break everyone out into smaller groups. This feature is helpful for training, brainstorming, and workshop discussions. Hosts and co-hosts control who can join breakout sessions and can define the parameters to allow a few participants to talk privately outside of the main talk. UCx with Webex makes it easy to create breakout sessions and bring everyone back into the larger meeting as well to help streamline meetings and collaboration.

3. Custom Layouts

Why not give your meetings a unique look and feel? Use available video layout options to add focus to the most important people or content. Add depth by creating inclusive experiences with the flexible layout feature. You can drag and drop participants to the stage, scroll between participants, use slider control for more perspective, and stack the view to meet your preferences.

4. Immersive Share

Skip boring, content-only screens that leave your audience yawning. Immersive share creates more engaging presentations. Blend your video and content together by adding an overlay of your video within the presentation channel. Resize your video and place it where you want. Your audience is going to love it.

5. Webex Assistant

Wouldn’t having an assistant to help you run your meetings be nice? UCx with Webex’s AI-powered assistant improves meeting productivity and focus. Give voice commands to the Webex meeting assistant, who will respond with audible and visual responses. Use closed, captioning, live caption, and highlights. You’ll receive post-meeting summaries automatically for even better preparation.

6. Calendar Integration

Whether you use Google or Microsoft 365 calendar, schedule and manage your meetings directly in the Webex App. Meetings and events will be visible in the Meetings tab and within your Google and Microsoft 365 calendar. When you’re ready to start your meeting, you can launch it directly within your Webex application or calendar invite.

7. Noise Cancellation

Tired of distracting noises in your meetings? Remove background noises when you’re in a meeting, and you can apply the change to impact all future calls and meetings. No more worrying about noisy keyboards, doorbells, and extraneous conversations.

8. Whiteboarding

Collaboration is easy within UCx with Webex especially with our whiteboarding feature. Bring teams together and brainstorm in a whole new way. Users can ideate and annotate in real time during meetings or in a virtual shared space, making brainstorming a frictionless experience.

9. Remote Desktop Control

Remote desktop control has been used by IT departments everywhere to help and support others from a distance. While many businesses need to purchase a separate license for remote desktop control functionality, it’s included in the UCx with Webex Elite license. Users can securely grant access or request mouse and keyboard access to your screen. Not only is this a powerful tool to troubleshoot issues, but it can make training and collaboration easier too.

10. Live Polling and Q&A

Make meetings interactive and fun with live polling and Q&A from Slido. Accessed directly from your UCx with Webex meeting, you can quickly poll attendees, collect feedback, and share the results with your team.

11. Mobile Camera Share

Being mobile has its advantages. You’re not tethered to your desk, so why not show what you see with meeting attendees? With mobile camera share it’s easy to share a live feed directly from your mobile phone.

Get Better Communications with UCx With Webex

We just started to scratch the surface of all the feature functionality UCx with Webex has to offer. With what seems like limitless feature functionality, pick the features that matter to you with our affordable pricing plans.

Ready for better business communications? Contact a TPx representative today and see UCx with Webex in action. We’re sure you’ll love how easy it is to use and how much better meetings, messaging, and calls can be.

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