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Making Sure the Technology Stack is Healthy and Resilient

When a healthcare provider needed a new partner to diagnose, simplify and streamline its technology across multiple locations, it turned to TPx.

The Challenge and Opportunity

Resilient Health used a mix of IT solutions and wanted to ensure its technology stack was consistent and redundant across locations.

Quick Facts

The agency has 10 locations across Arizona.

TPx solutions reduced issue resolution time by 70%.

The Solution

Partnering with TPx, the health agency has embarked on a project to standardize its communications, internet, and network solutions across facilities.

The Benefits

TPx’s flexibility and willingness to work with Resilient Health’s unique needs enables the organization to focus on mission-critical patient care instead of its IT configuration.

The Results

The new technology approach empowers the team to spend less time focused on technology and more time doing what it does best: helping patients.

About Resilient Health

Resilient Health opened in 1971 as the Presbyterian Service Agency (PSA Behavioral Health Agency) with a mission to provide supportive services and outreach to elderly and boarding home residents in South Phoenix. Resilient Health offers trauma-responsive care, including therapy, wellness classes, and art therapy. Other services cover psychiatric care, housing, respite, early intervention (first episode psychosis), primary care, and medication management.

Resilient Health managed IT case study

“While our overall project isn’t complete, we’ve made significant progress with five TPx implementations this year. We’ve already noticed improvements in stability and a decrease in support requests at TPx-enabled sites. The metrics clearly show improved trends in response time and issue resolution times. We can respond faster to issues with more reliable services in place at our offices because of the decrease in requests or cries for help on the old system. These are great results!”

David Wahl, IT Manager, PSA Behavioral Health

The Challenge

When David Wahl joined Phoenix-based Resilient Health (formerly PSA Behavioral Health) as IT Manager, he quickly understood the organization’s need to upgrade its outdated equipment. “One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from the people that hired me was about the archaic phone system, poor internet choices at various locations, and a lack of initiative regarding implementation,” Wahl said.

Before Wahl’s arrival, his predecessors had started looking for a replacement vendor, but the process was unfinished. “I inherited a lot of quotes, people calling and some even walking into our office directly,” Wahl added. “I started looking at alternatives and knew TPx would be a good fit for Resilient Health thanks to a positive experience I had working with them at a previous company.”

Wahl first made a connection at TPx back when he was working as an IT generalist. “Being an IT generalist in a smaller environment, you have to do everything,” Wahl said. Initially skeptical, he believed the TPx representative was merely attempting to make a sales pitch for unnecessary services. However, as their conversation progressed, he came to understand that TPx’s services could provide valuable support in managing his numerous IT responsibilities. Wahl said, “The TPx representative did a good job communicating where we could consolidate or extend services and upgrade the equipment, which was the initial task.”

The Technology

Wahl’s biggest challenge in his new role at Resilient Health was a “disjointed” technology stack at all 10 locations across Arizona. Different locations used different solutions, which made it nearly impossible to track the administrative backend of the technology across their locations.

“Telecom can be very messy. For whatever reason, we became somewhat disjointed,” Wahl said. “Even the little things, like trying to get into systems and confirming information, for example, is extremely difficult. If that stuff’s not tracked, you could spend hours trying to unravel.”

To streamline its stack, the Resilient Health team works with the TPx team to standardize the solutions used from one location to the next. While the process remains ongoing, current solutions include VoIP, UCx with Webex, and High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) with SD-WAN technology. This combination improves communication efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and quality while also enhancing network performance and reliability.

Having HSIA integrated with SD-WAN offers several benefits, as it combines reliable internet connectivity with advanced network management and optimization capabilities. With TPx’s VMware-powered SD-WAN solution, Resilient Health can turn up new locations, add or delete services and monitor their network performance through a single cloud-based integrated software system.

Resilient Health was able to upgrade from their legacy phone system to TPx’s award-winning UCx with Webex for true unified communications that combines calling, messaging, video conferencing and meetings into a single application. The HIPAA-compliant solution provides a better and more secure telecommunications experience for Resilient Health employees and gives the health agency greater administration flexibility to make configurations easy when needed.

“One of the best things I like about TPx is the integration,” Wahl said. “They provide multiple solutions wrapped in one. By and large, it’s mostly standardized, which is how it should be, and which is what’s working best.”

The Results

Transitioning to more modern technology with TPx has provided a variety of benefits, from a better user experience to increased operational efficiencies. Wahl measures success as how much time he no longer spends on basic administrative functions. So far, Resilient Health has experienced a substantial reduction in help requests and complaints about phone and internet issues. With TPx’s solutions, Wahl’s team has decreased the average time to resolve an issue by 70%. The IT team can now redirect their efforts toward other projects, and remote site staff members experience much fewer phone and internet problems.

“As our remote sites get improved and faster TPx circuit services, efficiently managed traffic via TPx-managed VMwares, steady TPx failover solutions, and brand-new Yealink phones, we get fewer help requests and complaints about slow speeds, latency, dropped calls, or static during phone calls,” Wahl said. “Some people working at our remote sites have had multiple phone and internet issues in the past, but they are now genuinely pleased with the new services. And yes, this also leads to increased productivity as far as our billing services are concerned.”

With TPx as a partner, Resilient Health seamlessly incorporates technology into its operations, benefiting staff and enhancing the organization’s overall capabilities. The consolidation of all services under one roof is of significant advantage. Wahl emphasized, “This alignment across all departments, spanning from finance to operations, streamlines processes within the TPx ecosystem, spanning from invoicing and payments to service renewals. TPx offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, excels in project management, and seamlessly integrates into all facets of our operations. It truly is a one-stop shop — and that includes billing, too.”

TPx provides a holistic approach to technology that enables Resilient Health to improve its operations and deliver a better experience to the people it serves. With TPx as a trusted partner, Resilient Health is better equipped to face the challenges of today’s digital landscape and poised for continued success in its mission to impact the world positively.

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